Here's a question

Here’s a question. If I have spirits bound to me, would others be able to scan them or wouldn’t own energy get in the way? That being said, can one in fact scan a spirit?

Im not familiar with the term “scanning” people use, but yes if you develop your clairvoyance you can “read” entities energy and such. It takes practice and your energy can get in the way until you have trained the ability.

No, your energy wouldn’t get in the way, only if the person doesn’t know how to see differences in energies. Your energy won’t be the same as theirs so there will be a clear difference in you and them. However yes entities can be scanned just as us.

Scanning is the same as reading, but scanning can be a bit less indepth than reading, atleast for me scanning is using your clairs to see into a person’s energy system, their chakras, their elemental energies, etc. While reading is deeper, similar to a soul dive and gaining more information.


Even if they don’t want to seen?

Depends on the person, some can still see those who dont want to be seen. Cloaking helps to a degree but there’s ways around cloaking, shielding and such without breaking the shield/cloaking.


Thats what I meant: you need learn to differentiate your energy from other energies or else you are perceiving your own energy as something elses. I have seen something along those lines before. My bad for not being clear

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I was wondering because my bound spirits are cloaked.

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Its a matter of their ability to cloak vs your ability to see them. A lot of entities will work in the background until you are ready to meet them.

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My binds ain’t cloaked. I wonder what a practiced individual would see.

Thankyou for that info. I am still learning, I feel like I’ll spend my whole life learning and still not know everything I should.

They may be bound to you, but why would that get in the way? It’s not like you have an extra appendage…

Idk. It was just a question. I apologise that it was such a stupid question.

Not stupid. I was also (indirectly) asking if they were felt to be literally “on you” or if there was some distance. If you felt they were melded or similar, I would’ve expected a different response :slight_smile:

Questions are part of how we learn.

Ah ok. Well no I don’t think they are melded on me. They are just like kinda tethered to me if that makes sense

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