Here’s a tip

Sing a Christian worship song on a recording app and considerate the song so all it’s ener goas to you

I’m meant to say

Sing a Christian worship song on a recording app and enchant the song so all it’s energy goas to you

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Hmmm. I like it. Reminds ma of Lady Eva posting about altering the lords prayer to “My kingdom come, My will be done”, which i often use now. This could work in the same pretext. Thanks for sharing.

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Christian song? Why not a popular international song?

Because of the energy that comes of of people plus it redirects it

Not a bad idea at all actually.

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Exactly. So if you use a song that’s popular worldwide, then you’ll get energy regardless of what religion the listeners are. More people = more energy.

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It’s the type of energy I use it mostly because of how much blasphemy

But hear me out:

More people = more energy.

Why settle on stealing energy from a certain group of people when you can steal ALL the energy?

Ever downloaded an amazing software, used it perfectly, then realized it was infected with a virus that ruined your entire operating system? This might be the same thing.

You’ll get the energy, but if you’re chanting words… they will pass to your subconscious even if you don’t believe any of it. And that will have a reaction, not necessarily what you want or expect.

Just a heads-up :+1: