Here is an Evocation spell with Duchess Bune

The spell bellow was gotten from Black witch coven I haven’t tried it yet but feel very drawn to it.

           I also have questions as well ⬇️

1] are spirits always upset when you evoke them?

2] The words In the spell are very commanding, does this apply to other evocations with other spirits?

I haven’t done any evocation yet but I feel ready to try it with Bune as I have had a deal with him before.

This is the spell⬇️

“I invoke and move thee, O thou, Spirit Bune, and being exalted in the power of the Most High, I say unto thee, Obey! in the name Beralensis, Baldachiensis, Paumachia, and Apologiae Sedes: and of the mighty ones who govern, spirits, Liachidae and ministers of the House of Death: and by the Chief Prince of the seat of the Apologia in the Ninth Legion, I do invoke thee and by conjuring thee, and being exalted above ye, in the power of the Most High, I say unto thee, Obey! in the name of he who spake and it was, to whom all creatures and things obey. Moreover I, whom God made in the likeness of God, who is the creator according to his living breath, stir thee up in the name which is the voice of wonder of the Might God, El, strong and unspeakable, O thou Spirit Bune.”

  • Chanting the demon’s enn three times will cause him to appear in the smoke of the offerings. For necromancy purposes, a black mirror may be used for his manifestation.
  • The demon must be similarly dismissed with the respect accorded to other otherworldly entities conjured up.

The reason for wanting to do this evocation is because I have a new online based web design business but haven’t had a single person give me a project since when I started. I have had many people visit my profile and write me to ask for price but they are never serious after that.

Pls answer my questions and drop your suggestions… Thanks in advance.

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Pls give some advise

That Spell is the conjuration from the Lesser Key of Solomon. You might want to check that book.


Thanks for the info, I know the Goetia spirits don’t like Solomon and his methods of spells.
Now what’s next :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Hi,I don’t know how much experience you have but I can tell you,you don’t need this type of evocation,I also believe that this kind of ceremonial summoning spirits of Goetia don’t like. Do it simple! Draw her sigil on the peace of paper,you need one orange candle,cinnamon or sandalwood incense abd say his enn: Wehl Mehlan avage Bune Tasa 3/6 or 9 times,gaze into the sigil,you should be in theta gama sync. Whe she appears say loud what you want from her or write petition and give her some,drink or food offering to thank her.


I don’t think that is true. It seems the only people who dislike the Solomon methods are those that take a religious approach to demons. In my experience, the demons themselves don’t really seem to give a rat’s ass about how they are called.


Thanks for the info :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Oh really? I saw a text where demons told Solomon, “you only have control over us for a season” I guess I miss interpreted that. I have tried searching for other methods here but no detailed spell. I guess I will follow princessofdarkeness method after casting my circle

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You dont need a circle!:slightly_smiling_face: Approach her like a friend,do simple LBRP or banishing rite of dark lord to clean space,that’s enough. You can also use KoF incantation. Everything you can find here ,using search bar .


I’m grateful :pray:t3: Thank you, I have surly learnt something useful from you.

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