Here I am again

Hey what up my magis. So fuck, where to start. This is my third or 4th profile. My fiance don’t like me going on here. She does what she wants and so do I tho. Previously my username was oneis3. So here is a question for you and I have yet to post any of this info. So hahaha…

I was posted up in an abandoned house. I had been up for days, in my own world of madness. I had made a sigil for lucifer and was consecrating a space for him. Shoved a needle in my arm just to draw a hundred units of blood to add to the sigil. I had set it up and was doing something else… idk tweaking. But out of nowhere 2 or 3am. A bright green light fills the upstairs room of that abandoned house I was staying in. Memory loss. But when I approached the window, not a hundred yards away a large craft , oval and rounded. Spinning all the round green lights.

I watched that fuckin thing long enough to get video and pics. Havent posted these publicly yet but I will attach a pic. I wanna upload on youtube the videos. I need the 17 minute video off the other phone my lady has. She don’t like that shit tho. I got other videos. I just really want to make sure the longer one is included,because it was the trippiest one. I ain’t gotta lie to kick it this is real. I didn’t remember the event even until a day or 2 later checking my phone. Was like oh yeah that happened.

It just isn’t surprising, been thru some weird as fuck unexplainable shit since the goddamn covid bullshit started. Including being tormented day and night to the point of pure insanity. But that’s another story for another day, most people don’t wanna hear that one, and honestly no one’s let me finish it. Haha. Fuck I need cigarettes. I’ll post more shit about this, but I do have a busy life just surviving out here. Miss you guys happy to be back on. I have some pics and videos but guess it won’t let me post. Whatever. I’ll put them on youtube or something when I can unless someone can let me know how to import a short video file. Idgaf either way. Oh yeah the question. Is there a connection between lucifer and ufos? Like what happened that night doesn’t feel like coincidence.

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and flagged

Oh and to make clear why:

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Yo I could get on my own account but my old lady gets notification when I do.

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Understandable. Still Eva has to close your other 3-4 accounts. Would you like in the meantime to pull one of the 3-4 intros you made in the past so we get to know you? A copy paste is fine.

Sorry that someone would drop a dime on you while you were going through this.

Like what do I do about that? She’s a fuckin hacker not much I can do about the other account Idk how to do that shit. Can y’all make an acception? If not I’ll make another profile and not mention these other ones I mean fuck I was really active for a while. Never gave a reason to get the boot.

No one will ban you, chill. She will just close the other accounts. I flagged so she sees it sooner.

@Anassa alright so could I just make a new intro? Things have changed since then.

Absolutely :grin:

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Okay Kool so this account is fine? My other account was one is 3 and I dont remember what the other one was but I believe I had mentioned in there that I was previously oneis3

You could say that Lucifer “illuminated” the craft for you.
I’d try to make telepathic contact with the craft.

No. There are no exceptions to the rules of the forum.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed, as has been pointed out, and if you keep making more you WILL have your IP blocked so you can’t, just so you know. Eva is pretty easy going but she pulls no punches when people try to circumvent the rules.

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Should be ok but its up to Eva to decide. There are ways to prevent your fiance from stalking at you and control you, and I don’t mean magick ones.

Edit: omg I realized that sounded so wrong… I meant things like…make a new google account that she doesn’t know (helps if you don’t give her access…) and sign up with that account, clear your history, sign out from the forum when you don’t use it etc


Okay this was your intro before, I’ll quote it WITHOUT the linked quote because that would send a notifrication to the other account:

Hello fellow magicians, i am grateful to be a part of this. My life has been a complete mess for far too long. I am an opiate/benzo and occasional amphetamine addict. I seek to fix this block in my road that has been deatroying my life. I use to use magic to get money, and i was very good at it, when i was in that zone i never failed at getting whatever i wanted. Ive always dabbles in drug use and i used magic to have access to pills and it worked. But at this point in my life 7 years later, i need to recreate myself and gain back that power i lost along the way. I am an empty shell of what i use to be. The love of my life left me a month ago for someone else. Now i sit at rock bottom ready to clime out. Any suggestions on a ritual to re align myself? I realize im going to have to quit the drugs and that will be hell. Idk if im ready for that or when ill be ready. Even tho its the one thing holding me back, nothing is harder to let go. Im in a dark place yall. Any advice will be appreciated.

Yes, you were fine, no flags and pretty helpful and friendly to other folks, no-one’s looking to ban you here or get on your case but we also can’t start leaving loopholes and exceptions. I have to follow the forum rules myself, same as everyone else, and not flame people who may really deserve it etc. :wink:


Hey no problem. Damn that intro was a while ago lol. Thanks homegirl.