Here are a couple of very helpful and powerful spirits we channeled. Very Practical!

Me and my friends channeled these spirits. They’re very helpful. Enjoy!


thank you :heart_eyes: any specific way to summon?


It is wise to contact Drvo’Karr first, in order for him to grant you the authority to contact the other spirits of DRVO. You can summon him with his mantra - KHAA-RAM DRVO, while gazing into his sigil.

The evocation will be more effective if done in nature, since these spirits are manifestations of the most primal, darkest sides of nature.


Invocation is not advised until you have some experience evoking these spirits. The energy of the Dark Wilds can be toxic until gradually used to. Afterwards it becomes one of the prime powers of magick.


They seem extremely powerful but a bit dangerous, on a quick energy read.

@Micah can you please make sure they are safe for beginners?


Yes they are extremely dangerous and not safe at all for beginners

However, as always, do what you Will :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Yes, they can be, but those who pay them the proper respect can expect great rewards


I’d love to get the thoughts of other well experienced magicians such as @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight and @C.Kendall on these, these sigils seem very potent :grinning: :heart:



Very interesting and they seem powerful
Their main element feels airy and lots of very different white energy impressions that I am getting

Do you recommend any specific offerings for them?
Aslo is there a spirit of them who can enpower the chakras and help with kundalini?


I would recommend any kind of “woody” offerings. Such as cinnamon, sandalwood, dragon’s blood, ect.
As for chakras and kundalini hm… You could ask Veno’phaeder, but I don’t do much with chakras or kundalini much, so I never asked.

Last time this DRVO crap was spammed on here it was alleged to be an ancient east European druid order, and members set up fake accounts to promote it, it’s either a larp, a troll, or bullshit malicious working intended to draw people in.

Handle with extreme caution because this reeks of bullshit.


This is why I openly state bullshit here - the OP here says these were channelled, this was the previous claim made about the exact same spirits:

Greetings, BALG.

I am the spokesman of the Order of the Black Branch. We are a small group of dark druids who adhere to an oral tradition known as the Word of DRVO. Our path has originated in the Balkan region and has been transferred from one generation to another for thousands of years. Our path is an eclectic one as our ancestors have interacted with other cultures. Hence why our path takes a lot of inspiration from the Kabbalah. We are primarily working with the Dark Gods of DRVO - each of which rules over a particular sphere of The DRVO. I cannot name all the Dark Gods of DRVO yet - the Elder dark druids have asked me to evaluate the forums for potential.

Compare and contrast “transferred from one generation to another for thousands of years… Elder dark druids” to “Me and my friends channelled these spirits.”

While I don’t support reality-policing people’s genuine experiences, the rule-breaking and blatant disrespect for this forum associated with this group, and the ongoing attempts to spam it using deceptive practices, are something I want members to be aware of, hence I am openly sharing deleted material spammed by sock-puppet accounts.

It would be perfectly possible to have simply been honest about this from the start, because this forum has no bias against egregores or newly discovered spirits, and yet for whatever reason, that was not the route chosen, so make of that what you will.


thank you for informing