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"Herbarium Diabolicum" by Edgar & E.A. - Order Now To Get $100 Off


By Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting

You’re about to eat the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil…

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“The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

Homebrew Mind-Altering Magick Experiences… Learn The Prohibited Rites & Recipes Of The Most Powerful Entheogens For Unholy Gnosis With Hekate, Samael, Lilith, Moloch & Qliphothic Gods

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered…

Why have Judeo-Christian, Western governments legalized alcohol, but criminalized entheogens?

Why have Christian politicians waged a “war on drugs” against magick substances proven to empower and heal the mind?

Why is the mind-depressing substance legal, while the mind-expanding substances are illegal?

If it is not a matter of safety — because alcohol poisoning harms more people than smoking cannabis or eating mushrooms — then why have religious politicians warred against entheogens from medieval time through modern time?

To Summarize This Medieval Religious War: Christianity Vs. Paganism.

Or to rephrase it: the Rite of Alcohol vs. the Rite of Entheogens.

Quite simply, Christians imbibe alcohol as a libation or ritual sacrament, i.e., they drink the blood of Jesus — while pagans, witches, and shamans consume entheogens as a ritual sacrament, i.e., they enter possession with the Spirits, a.k.a. “demons.” When European conquerors sailed to the “New World” to exploit and colonize the Americas, they discovered “heathen savages” who consumed entheogens and oneirogens to commune with their pantheons of nature gods and Mother Earth.

The so-called “War on Drugs” by Christian patriarchs has occurred since the Middle Ages; it is far more than a 20th century prohibition, and has culminated in the worldwide mass-incarceration of cannabis users.

Christian Prohibition & The “War On Drugs” Has Demonized Magick Entheogens To Persecute Shamans & Witches For Millennia

Christian elites do not want humans “to become godlike” and awaken to the “greater reality” of the Spiritual Planes. Christian elites want the human race to drink alcohol only, and submit to their authoritarian god to raise their ruling power. Therefore, Abrahamic priests demonize entheogens. Christians and Islamists fear-monger that humans become “possessed by demons” while consuming “the Devil’s plants.” It’s puritanical propaganda.

The “Biological Shortcut” To Spiritual Enlightenment… How One Experience With A Sacred Plant Triggered More Evolution In Me Than 10,000 Hours Of Ritual

Entheogen means “to create a god within” or “to become divine within” or “to become godlike.” It derives from Latin, en “in”, theo “god”, and gen “create”. The word enthusiasm derives from this etymology also, “to become filled with god” and “to become possessed by god.”

As a black magician who has performed ritual for over 10,000 hours, it pains me to admit this to you, because I still believe in an “old school” work ethic, but…

My carefully administered experiences with entheogens have awakened and empowered my ascent as much as any of my top, most lucid rituals. In other words, these sacred plants, also known as “the Devil’s plants” and “Herbarium Diabolicum,” give the shamanic magician a “biological shortcut” to open-eyed gnosis with deities, along with an irreversible paradigm shift of enlightenment too.

If a person simply cannot be bothered to perform 20 years of ritual to connect with the Spirit World, then a carefully administered entheogen will force them into it — GUARANTEED. The human brain is evolutionarily hardwired to trigger heightened magick experiences when they consume entheogens and oneirogens.

Oneirogen means “to create a dream” or “to become dreamlike.” It derives from Greek, oneiros “dream” and gen “create.” It refers to substances that cause lucid dreams, enhanced dreaming, or dream-like waking experiences.

A “Prohibited” Demonic Grimoire Of Shamanic Witchcraft For Left Hand Path Magicians… Let A REAL Colombian Shaman Show You How To Harness The Godlike Power Of Entheogens For Open-Eyed Gnosis With The Qliphothic Gods & Goddesses

Hello friend, I’m E.A. Koetting. The sinister shaman, Edgar Kerval, and I have penned a new double-grimoire called Herbarium Diabolicum and The Poison Path, including a companion video course featuring my ritual pathworking and insights. It’s a collaborative grimoire that combines the forces of two spiritual fields for advanced gnosis. This double-grimoire combines:

  1. Demonic black magick, a.k.a. Qliphothic Magick
  2. Indigenous entheogenic spirituality, a.k.a. Shamanism

Book 1. Edgar Kerval’s “Herbarium Diabolicum” Grimoire Features More Than A Simple Apothecary’s Cookbook Of Recipes, It Pioneers Ancient Shamanic Witchcraft Into A Guide For Modern Demonic Ascent

An authentic shaman who lives in Colombia in South America, my coauthor Edgar Kerval, provides you a four-part book with 18 chapters, every one of them showing you how to access the priceless magick power hidden within a panoply of forbidden, sacred plants, while pathworking through demonic realms of The Tree of Qliphoth. Edgar gives you exact step-by-step recipes for formulating organic potions, tinctures, powders, and more concoctions. However, Herbarium Diabolicum is much more than simply an apothecary’s cookbook — it is packed with invocations, conjurations, meditations, and evocations to open the Gates of the Abyss.

Book 2: E.A. Koetting’s “The Poison Path” Grimoire Reveals Illicit Shamanism For The Dark Adept Through Uncensored Records Of His Real Life Experiences With 13 Entheogenic Gateways

My candid confessions and careful counsel in book two, The Poison Path, open your Third Eye to multiple realities through a multitude of psychotropic substances — each substance opening a doorway within a cosmology of parallel Spirit Worlds. It allows you to access hidden realms and secret dimensions, and their native knowledge. In The Poison Path, I highlight 13 key substances, or 13 entheogenic gateways, each of them activating magick powers, abilities, and insights, and each of them extracting unique sacrifices from you. In The Poison Path, I reveal the lessons that I myself learned through experimenting with these doorways, and I pass along those same insights to help you navigate these often dangerous and perhaps even deadly paths.

Anyone can open the doors and receive their treasures, but you must beware the pitfalls of addiction and destruction, for which many of these substances are notorious. As a unique feature, The Poison Path discloses how to experience “flashbacks” to revive high-powered, life-changing magick experiences without needing to consume those same substances again.

And my favorite part — these two grimoires together form the world’s most comprehensive guide to the darkest and most powerful methods of sinister shamanism without requiring submission to an initiatory hierarchy, oaths of secrecy, or arbitrary vows of loyalty to me and Edgar.

BONUS: “The Poison Path” — E.A. Koetting’s Online Streaming Course With Advanced Guidance For Navigating The Inner Worlds Of Spirit And Entheogenic Pathways — Without Becoming Addicted Or Traumatized

As an essential companion to this uncensored two-book grimoire, I also present my “Poison Path” video course to give you my most advanced knowledge. In it, I divulge every last secret and priceless “gold nugget” from my lifetime of entheogen exploration. I extract all the enlightened insights from these astral pathways, and furnish you the exact ritual tools and magick weapons that I’ve used to safely enter these psychedelic states and navigate the Inner Worlds. Most importantly, this video course gives you reliable systems to avoid physical addiction or mental trauma, to facilitate full psychological integration of these gateways into who you are, so that you can access them at any time with or without the substances.

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If you’re looking for a fast way to achieve incredible power without having to do any work, this grimoire and video course are probably not for you. If you hope to use these substances to escape pain, they will only drag you into suffering, but if you are a true Dark Adept and you aspire to plunge deep into the rivers of madness and power, Herbarium Diabolicum and The Poison Path is precisely what you need.

Place your order now for THE COMPLETE HERBARIUM DIABOLICUM — it includes a precious leather edition of Herbarium Diabolicum by Edgar Kerval, including The Poison Path by E.A. Koetting within it, and access to watch the online streaming course, The Poison Path: Illicit Shamanism for the Dark Adept. When you order them altogether, you get $100 off to save 21%.

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Learn the REAL TRUTH about magick ascent with “The Devil’s Plants” that the Christian “War on drugs” does not want you to know…

Talk again soon,



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