Heramael is under the government of Satanachia. He teaches the art of medicine and gives him knowledge of all diseases, with his complete and total cure. He is an expert in botany, the healing powers of plants and the places and ways in which they meet. He is ruled by Satanachia.

Someone to contacted, some favorite sigil.



I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your post.

Are you asking for information on Heramael, or his sigil, or are you trying to provide information from your own experience?

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He sounds like Raphael.

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Sorry for my bad English, you can place your sigil, experiences e.t.c

Ah, sorry. I have never heard of the spirit nor worked with him so i cannot give any experiences or sigils.

You can always make your own sigil to contact him from the Rose Cross method:

And then open it using the Koetting method and find out for yourself:


Is this where you got your information from…?https://www.grimoire.org/demon/heramael/

I am not sure how accurate it is.

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