I’m curious if anyone here is working (or has worked) with the Heptameron? Looking for colleagues on this one.


I have not, unfortunately, but I wish you luck. Years ago, when I was in high school, I read Joseph Lisiewski’s book Ceremonial Magic & the Power of Evocation, which was all about how you should work the medieval grimoires (and specifically the Heptameron of Peter de Abano) as “by the book” as possible…as in, full medieval pageantry, with everything the book calls for, replicated as authentically as possible.

Needless to say, I was never able to do this (I believe you needed a subterranean chamber with a stone floor or something like that, just to start). But it definitely peeked my interest in the Heptameron, since that was the author’s focus.


That concept is so rarely used in witchy circles but hey maybe there are some adepts in the lhp community


I just got that book myself, but have only started reading it. I had no idea about needing an underground chamber, but THAT would be a very cool temple!


Which concept?

I actually just took up an interest in the Heptameron. I’ve been looking to get Eric Purdue’s new translation of Agrippa’s 3 books and the Fourth book which is the more workable companion to the text. It contains the Heptameron. I have not used it but would love to hear about your experience if you do work with it.


It seems I may have gotten a bit carried away…I haven’t read that book in years, and coming back to it now, it actually requires either a room with a concrete floor, or for the evocation to be performed outside. The first thing that popped into my head back when I read that bit was probably the unfixed, concrete-floored basement in my parents’ house, which is probably why I misremembered it as requiring an underground chamber.

Actually, the book seems to recommend a concrete floor specifically, so the Circle of Art can be drawn/painted, and the requisite spirit-specific names of God can be chalked in as necessary (with holy chalk, from a Catholic church).

Like I said, Lisiewski is all about doing things “by the book,” so if you want to follow his go-for-broke style, you’re going to be running around to various churches, ordering linen priestly garments, etc. I wish I had the time/resources to do it that way…

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Awesome, I hadn’t heard of Purdue’s translation. I’ve actually been looking forward to Joseph Peterson’s version that’s coming out in December, so I guess I’ll be getting both.

Sorry I worded that message wrong. Eric Purdue translated the 3 books, I’ve been looking to get his translation and then I was going to get Donald Tyson’s version of the Fourth book that contains the Heptameron. Though I was actually looking at Joseph Peterson’s translation of the Heptameron a few months ago as well.

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I’ll be sure to post here if I do. I’m currently reading through Joseph Lisiewski’s book on it, which is what’s getting me interested. It seems very thorough.

Please keep me updated, as well!

Have you worked with any of the other classical grimoires?

Ooh, wow. Lots of work! But that’s not a problem. I actually have a linen robe already for Solomonic work.

I haven’t yet gotten very far into it yet, but I’m definitely interested in the experiment.

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I am working with an older manuscript of the Heptameron called VRL1115.

I have performed two full conjurations (the first one was for Madiar Rex and their ministers, the second one was for Sarabotres Rex and their ministers).

I did not get full physical manifestation and as far as I can tell none of my petitions have been fulfilled.

I’m not an expert on the Heptameron / VRL1115 at all but I’m happy to answer any questions and provide any encouragement I can. I’m doing my third operation in a couple of weeks and will be happy to provide field notes.

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Carl Nagel publish a book,saying a little pray and seal.never use it.its a yellow cover,I remember, I will ask my friends ,and if they have traduction books .too.