Hey there guys, Hephaestos is such an awesome God of creativity and witt and also a God of Fire, full of ingenousity and passion. There isn’t much info about him in the Internet and connections to LHP. Maybe in the cult of Typhon?
Anyone here working with Hephaestos?



It’s because he has no real connection to the LHP besides the one you make up for your own personal usage (chaos magick) I doubt he’d have much if any place in the cult of Typhon either.

Honestly any being absorbed into LHP ideologies weren’t originally there until someone did it for their own usage and people started using that ideology too.

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I have interacted with him only once, he initiated it, though since then I’m aware of his presence. As a personality he gave me the feeling that he’s too busy with his own craft to bother with interactions, unless it has something to do with his passion, smithing.

Oh, that is up to your perspective… I can give you the hints and it’s on you to find the correlation.
Though fire isn’t something so impressive to us today, for the ancient civilisations was very important. It was a miracle by gods.

They saw it coming from the skies in the form of thunderbolts, and thunderbolts were a symbol of cosmic order. See Thor, Zeus, Indra, Taranis, Shango. In their eyes the fire coming from the skies, where gods dwell, was a god himself who fell on earth.
But they also saw it in the bowels of mother Earth, in the form of volcanoes and, of course, lava.

His name comes from a Greek word that means “is lighted”, but by some like Max Müller it comes from the name Hebe (changing β with φ) the Goddess of youth, the prime of life and her Roman equivalent, Juventas (youth and rejuvenation)
Sanskrit: Yuva ( young person, cadet, vigorous)
Sanskrit: Yavistha (youngest)
And from the above, you can clearly see, how and why they compare Hephaestus with the God of fire Agni, the youngest (yavistha).
Hephaestus is the anthropomorphic thriving deity of the natural power of fire in all its forms and uses, but also smithing is the expression of the inner human flame of inspiration and creation. The god of fire is the youngest of the gods, not because he was born last, but because he never loses his power.