Hendecagram blessing before first ritual?

So I’m in a place where I’m assembling my temple gear and getting what I need to start working through Asenath’s Qliphoth trilogy starting with Qliphotic Meditations. I have a hendecagram that I created from a craft placard I bought with water color and acrylics and I’m looking at resin coating it in the next few fall-like days that we have before winter weather properly hits.

What I’m realizing is that if I’m going to be coating it right now would be a good time for me to personalize it. I’m still collecting my temple (had a BOTA adytum and am setting up something similar in line with this work) and I know there’s going to be a time gap between when I’d want to bless the hendecagram when when I’d be doing my opener for Qliphotic meditations. I also got a reminder this morning when I went out for taper candles that anything that doesn’t turn over on shelves immediately these days needs to be bought online - including red and black tapers, even tapers in general!

My question - I’m sure I could ad-lib something on the fly, I was just wondering if there’s any particular verbiage or quick rituals in this line that I might want to use for this? I know a lot of this is about creative exploration but I also see where there’s something to using well worn paths when you get started, Bruce Lee’s ‘way of no way’ isn’t day one advice. Also any additional thoughts on resin-coating or not resin-coating?

Thank you in advance!

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So… my StackOverflow progress update.

I did get my candles in time, just waited a few days. I took some elements from the opening ritual in Qliphothic Meditations such as drawing the trident in the air and visualization on the hendecagram and then made anointing the hendecagram the centerpiece of the ritual. For my verbiage around this I just framed my intent as to what brings me to exploring the Qliphoth and thanking the regents for their presence.

It took me a while to get back because I wanted to wait until I could comment on how the resin coat on the seal turned out. I left it in a cooler to cure for a week and for some reason it still wasn’t completely hardened and I don’t know how much of that was just crap resin/epoxy vs. the weather getting colder for the back half of the week. I have it sitting upright on my altar right now with a gallon Ziploc as a dust cover - just so it can finish hardening at room temperature without collecting dust. There might be better stuff than I used - it was Castin Craft from Michaels and you needed to buy a catalyst to mix in.

Overall the seal turned out beautiful. I water-painted the whole placard black front and back, drew the hendecagram on the front, painted over that in gold acrylic enough to get some good ridging, then painted the corners around the circle, to imply a larger black/wood circle out to the edges of the placard, in primary red and then water-colored the interior areas of the hendecagram outside the star with red watercolor splitting the difference in color between the black and the red exterior.

Think I did that right at least! Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments on the above.

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