Helps for telsma or spell

Hello friends
My name is Amir mahan i know your website from youtube
I most to ask some question please give my answer.
I want to ask first of all i want very powerful black magic telsma or spell for love (i want to run it on a girl) which books can help me ?Can u give a spell or telsm to me ?

2Th :i find this telsma in an old french book it construct every thing that you want . It has angels ( black or white i dont know for make everything)you must to curve some words on brass ring and write telsma on a piece of silk .
Is it work (telsma that im upload it)?
This using from black power or white power?
Has it Consequences?

First things first. People here are very willing to help, but please show that you genuinely care by at least correcting the glaring errors.
Pwrful? Is it work?
I try to avoid scolding people for grammar and spelling errors, as my spelling and grammar isn’t great. But there comes a point when it’s just getting silly.

Hi man .
Take it easy . Give my answer;)

Hi, we usually aim to be polite and respectful around here, certainly when we want something, or are new.

“A guest should be courteous
When he comes to the table”

People who’ve joined this forum in the past, and immediately begun being rude, demanding, or aggressive don’t find a warm welcome, or the support they could have derived. :slight_smile:

And, please read my reply to your other thread, and make your next post your introduction, in the link I provided.