Helpppp dreamss


i was somewhere anked and rhere were two lakes on each side of me and thwy were so priti and shiny but then i saw sumn and i got scared and tried ti cover up myself

jaacksepticeye with green hair was lioking through the window and i said hello and i treid to show him the photos of my photograohy and then my underwear ohotos came??? and there was a photo i was in underwear with horns and black knee lenght boots and then we were suddenly in my eoom, he was sitting on my desk and i next to it and he said “oh my lord lucifer” and i looked at him quickly and then away. he was in his goat form uk like walking on his two legs??? yk no a goat goat but like yk? and then i out down my phone and walked after him in my room and i kneeled before him and on the floor there were puzzles in front of me and he turned around, disappeared and then the box of puzzles fell

there was also this word i remember …kind of? cambience? camfrish? camfrience??? sumn like that aaaaaaas

but yeah i hope i didn’t get luci jelly also i woke up at around 03:13 so does this also mean anything? i go abck to sleep

if anyone is up to helping me if this means anytbing i think it does bcz it do be the first time dreaming ab luci and he is awesome ay so ye nughty fellas sorry for the mistakes but i jist woke up and probs wont remember this

man i hope i didn’t offend him idk why would i but like i wanna be his friend and i thought we cool ::(( i go sleep fr pls remember writing this me omf

Are you drunk of high? Honest question.


neither??? it was me writing as soon as i woke up

don’t remember writing half of it:/

It seems everyone’s dreams have been wild lately.

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i agree because i am reading posts and everyone out wilding :flushed:

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