Helping with Paranormal Investigation

Anybody here ever offer to assist paranormal investigators?

Like offering to be alone in a hot zone with recording gear to perform an evocation to gather spirits?

Oddly it just came up for me, they were short a psychic. I opted out claiming I wasn’t psychic, just an occultist.



I did once just to see what they would say, they were honestly afraid of the very idea of me summoning a demon for them…Paranormal investigators my ass. :smiling_imp:


I know a guy around here who does it. He’s a British witch trained in a traditional English coven. He serves as a demonlogist and leads local investigations.

Honestly, most of us here know more than this guy does. His ideas about demons seem very influenced by Christianity. And the investigations seem more about setting himself up as some “rock star” expert than actually investigating anything.

I find the idea of paranormal investigation interesting, but there’s just too much ego and drama in these groups for me. Kind of the same reason I’ve stayed away from magickal orders.

I personally think most of the stuff haunting these places are the investigators themselves. lol


I told them I’m no psychic, but an occultist and would gladly go into a hot zone by myself with recording gear to try and pull something out for evps and manifestations.

You guys seem to feel the same was as I do, which is why I said I would do it alone with their equipment. It would be difficult for me to have them around me acting excited and sabotaging their own work. Kinda explains why they never get anything. Unless the place is cursed, my opinion is that ‘haunts’ are akin to a spontaneous fear based evocation. The place is just dormant, timeless until someone shows up and performs an evocation of sorts and serves as a catalyst. The place can be especially effective for evocations however.

WE are the ones that should be investigating hot spots. We aren’t likely to shit ourselves or behave disrespectfully.

Any more opinions on this matter are greatly welcomed.


Yeah, can’t agree with you more there. Some of those paranormal shows horrify me when they start taunting things. At that point, I’m kinda rooting for a spirit to show up and kick the snot out of them. lol


Some places probably are haunted but usually more by negative or violent energy rather than a conscious spirit.


So something akin to the lesser beings that act like programs in a demon’s legion? Negative teenager sexual/psychic energy?

Sometimes. They’re kind of like a recording sometimes and other times they’re like hollow shells, remnants of the soul that are shed after the spirit leaves the body.


Well I would love to walk into one of those hot spots myself. One of my childhood homes was haunted. Gave me nightmares into my late 20’s, but now, I would love to experience something like that again. Just recorders, a bottle of water for me, a flashlight for moving around, and some tea light candles for setting the mood for evocation.

People like us must be able to bring back some decent recordings.


I’ve had the idea for a while to try recording an evocation session to see if I could pick up anything on it. It’s on my list, but I just haven’t got around to it.

I’m curious if we could catch anything.


As an occultist you should have all the abilities of the psychic and then some. You should actually be far more valuable to a ghost hunting team because you can cleans the group afterwards to prevent them from spirit attachments and other unwanted side effects of going ghost hunting etc. As well as offer services of exorcism and banishing for the home owner. On the show The Dead Files the psychic actually often tells the home owner they need to find a shaman or witch to come and get rid of the spirits.


Of course! I thought that it was important to make a distinction from a psychic, the safe and fuzzy realm of fortune tellers and charlatans. (Psychic became a dirty word that lost all meaning to many)

I believe it is important for people seeking results with an occultist to understand what we do. To the Vatican, and its Exorcists what we do is an affront to their God and their rules. I don’t want to be accused of misleading people, because some pompous asshole will say: “See , that’s what occultists do!”

So the thought is, “You want results with your investigations? Ask an occultist, but know what you are asking. Realize that you are breaking the rules of your own Bible.” Basically just putting all the cards on the table. Temptation!! hahahahah.

You are right of course! I would love to have accepted their invitation, but they must know what they are getting into with me. Its a way of getting them to accept, indirectly, without any deceit whatsoever, to break the rules of Christianity, by themselves and allow themselves to use “Lucifer’s” big flashlight and look into the dark corners of whichever “haunted” prison under investigation.


@KurtisJoseph apparently records his sessions. Would love a side thread or section about recordings. I’m personally quite familiar with the maths, techniques and software for audio analysis.

He needs to focus on his book since it’s about to be released, so he may not be available.

Yeah please do record some sessions. Just pause between your orations so the audio analysis can chew on the gaps in the recordings.


@Rahnoren I am actually working on a second book dealing with this current. I thought the ride was over but apparently not. Lol! This thing is sooooo fucking vast! Regardless I will be doing a video course to pull these two books together even if it is only in “cooperation” or “association” with BALG. I know a guy who produces for Lions Gate who wants to work with me so he gave me a HUGE deal on production cost.

At any rate I am likely going to try and use the infrared spectrum during ritual demonstration along with software that was actually developed by the Vatican to capture spiritual entities. LMAO! Go figure right? The irony of it all. I love turning the weapons of the enemy against them. :wink: We will see how shit pans out.


I hate the term “psychic”. I prefer to describe myself as one with expanded awareness. Expanded awareness involves the wielding of two swords… insight and foresight to cut the veil and obtain “TRUE” sight. It really is not as fucking mystical as it seems to the masses. It is all about the study of cause and effect or “magick”.


Wow you blew my with the infrared Vatican tech.

Would love to hear , or better yet see more on this.

Are we close to blowing the gates wide open and showing the world?

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I read an interesting reason why not to use powers to help people, you know the way people say “why do bad things happen to good people” well book of job comes to mind but also, you never know what goes on inside closed doors, look at BTK, bind torture kill serial killer, was a head of a local church and pillar of the community, I truly believe the universe balances itself, like when there’s a physical need and its not happening, the spirit world act’s. For all you know the house you clean could be a paedo’s house of horror’s!

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Speaking of the Vatican I think the library of Alexandria sits in the Vatican archives’ and just the building was burnt down.