Helping others, without letting them know that?

Good friend of mine suffers from mysterious disease(s) for many years. She can’t find the cause of her’s bad condition.
I don’t have ambition to cure her, but I really wish to help to find the way out.
She’s an atheist, promoter of “rational thinking” and she thinks that magic as such is a sign of mental illnes.
Should I get involved without letting her know about that?
What do you thing about similar situations?

Thank you.


You can always gift her an Item e.g. a necklace imbued with magickal healing energy, and she will be none the wiser.

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I agree with you, this is one of the reasons why I posted this question. Should we help, or not?
It’s an also personal matter, I wish her well, most of all.

It’s up to you honey, do you want to help her? if so think of ways like i suggested, that will not interfear with her to much, so something simple that works over a long period of time!


As for helping her, divine on it and then do what you feel led to do.

You could use Lilith’s idea or go ahead and just cast a spell but place in a component where she doesn’t know that she’s being helped. Or just do it and don’t say a thing


I’ve done a fair amount of healing work and you can get into sticky situations when dealing with someone with a chronic illness.

I’ve discovered a lot of people with chronic illness have some form of an astral parasite attached to them. They’re kind of like ticks and mosquitoes, but they can be a lot nastier.

I’ve experienced several attacks from these parasites and it’s almost always connected to healing another person. They’re not a big deal when you get used to dealing with them, but they can shock you if you don’t know about them and aren’t prepared for them.

The other major thing you run into with healing work is that you will find some people with chronic illnesses that identify so strongly with their illness that they won’t let it go. I know it sounds crazy, but it happens.

Some sick people I’ve met actually crave the sympathy they get from people because of the illness. It’s just like some people are drawn to creating a bunch of drama. They literally feed off of it.

In your situation, I would use some form of divination to try to figure out what’s going on with her first. Then come up with a possible treatment and do another divination to see what the likely outcome of the operation is.


Chronic illnesses as a life style… so obvious.
Thanks valkarath, very helpful indeed.

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Glad it helped, David.

Funny how the skeptical atheistic people are so quick to dismiss the occult yet the governments of the world all seem to think it’s very real and so real as in to use it for practical application and continued because the results have proven the effectiveness of such things.


Damn, that is some real useful piece of experence with chronic illness Valkarath. Thanks for sharing it!


So, I decided not to get involved into her drama. I feel that her chronic illness plays important role in her life.
On the other hand, I also decided to do a simple “cut the cord” ritual, I don’t need that stuff in my head.

Thank you all.


I think that was a very wise decision. If she will ever need help from you she will ask for it.


Yea I’m fairly against helping people that willfully ignorant personally. If they think it’s bullshit…Well then, let her atheism cure her =)

Sorry, i’m probably too late with that:

But couldn’t you gave her “an exotic herb” ?
~Atheists trust often more poisonous pills than their instinct,
so why not giving her “an rare herb” which the “doctor” Xyz has found? :wink:

Do your magick thing but give her “an rational reason” for this to work, ok? :smile:

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