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Hello! I was wondering what should my letter actually look like? I’ve put the “To Lilith” but what should I put after? Stating my name, and then writing down what I want(or what I can get) about the succubus I want? And will others be able to see him, or will I be the only one? Hopefully I’ll get a reply, cause I’m just very stupid and I don’t wanna fuck anything up during the ritual. :skull::black_heart:

I’m sure someone here will help you in a bit. But I wanna say, are you sure this is what you want to do? Maybe you should do more research on this subject here… getting a Succubus/Incubus isn’t a small thing, and it can be VERY hard to remove them… As in all important matters, it may be good to do some divination on this, to see if this affect you positively, as for some people it has truly broken them in the past.

Hello! Yes, I’m pretty sure I want to do this. I’ve researched a lot before joining(etc), and gave a lot of thought about this. But to make sure I truly want this I’ll wait for a little while. Maybe I’ll want to change my mind, who knows. :black_heart:

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You put the conditions, traits , and what you’re looking for from one of her daughters, keep some stuff in mind , it’s going to feed off your sexual energy especially the first couple months , and you won’t be able to get rid of it without someone extremely advanced ,

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For every succubus that binds to the one calling out there is a period of getting use to the energy man

Hey, did you go through with it, if yes then please share your experience