I need some help.My landlord who killed a man for good reason is going through some bad shit with court,and although he lost his case his attorney has appealed the decision which will cost him $40,000.And although his attorney told him he could when on appeal i want to increase his chances of him winning his case.So i guess what i’m asking does anyone know of a spirit that can influence a decision in his favor and the charges dismissed.I know what i’m asking may be a long shot but my landlord is a good man.He saved 5 lives (me included) that night and doesn’t deserve any of this bullshit he’s going through.Also the payment that the spirit or spirits like in return of their services would be much appreciated.

Belial has been known to help with the law, i’ve never really worked with him tho so take that for what you will

I agree with thatrandomguy, Belial seems to really like this kind of thing and he has very good feedback on here for it - I put pretty much everything I know about him in this post, and don’t forget to try the Search function with his name and terms like “law,” “prison,” “acquitted” etc.

An experience recently showed me that he rapidly comes to the aid of people he works with a lot, so I was able to observe him in actuion and he really impressed me with his immediate response.

King Paimon could be a possibility, as well. It’s said that he can manipulate people to his will.