Hello! (my apologies if I sent this to the wrong place,I’m new here and still figuring things out) I was wondering if any pendulum workers or tarot readers from here can ask if Asmodeus (or any Goetic really, I just want a sign but Asmodeus really caught my eye) is interested in working with me? Thanks!

pendlum workers / tarot readers… i dont think it will work this way :sweat_smile: do you have experiences? do you know how to banish, evocate? are your senses developed? I suggest first to make some studies, to learn how to banish,evocate…read some articles here about Asmodey, develop your senses and than you can easily ask him yourself if he will want to work with you or not :blush: First you need to learn how to walk than you can start running :blush: Take it as a friendly advice :blush:

You can make such diagnostics with Tarot or other method by yourself before the ritual. But I also suggest to learn some basic techniques before the start of the work with Goetic spirits.