I am new to this and I looked it up in the search bar but everyone is saying something different. Theta Gamma Sync from what I understand is required to evoke an entity. How does the third eye and chakras play into magick and the TGS? Do you need all of them to evoke an entity or do magick?

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The chakra system can be thought of like energy focal points ( depending on the path you follow ). We can draw energy through them, raise varying types of energy in them and channel energy through them. Energy also flows around our body through them.
The chakras, or energy focal points, allow for a healthy energy flow through the body. To perform magic effectively energy must flow through us freely, so it’s important that the energy focal points are kept clean and healthy.
The third eye is used for a range of things from clairvoyance to divination ( a form of clairvoyance ). It’s worth noting, however, that the third eye and related chakras don’t need to be developed in such a way that you can see spirits to divine effectively. From my experience, it seems to be a matter of the role it plays in each activity. Clairvoyance requires the practitioner to “look” through the eye, while divination involves energy flowing through the eye and being read, similar to how you may feel the presence of a spirit.
I’ve only really scratched the surface here. It’s a pretty big topic. Hopefully others can expand further
They’re not all technically needed to evoke and entity, though it’s best if you can develop them all. You could, for instance, evoke without having developed any clairaudience or voyance

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No. You can ignore the chakras if you want to.

We use them only because they became a part of the Western Magical Tradition back in the 1800’s thanks to Madame Blavatsky and her creation of Theosophy. She was greatly enamoured of the mystical “East.”

Prior to that, magicians used other techniques to raise energy for magick. In EA’s evocation course, he doesn’t say anything about the chakras, nor does he cover them in his books Works of Darkness or Evoking Eternity.