I was needing some information regards to the lake of fire ritual do I need to use clay tablets like in the book of azazel to inscribed the archangel sigils or can I use some other material searching around on the internet I’m having no luck coming across any clay writing tablets at a reasonable price

Modeling clay should be easier to find than tablets. Form it into shape, scribe the symbols you want on it, and let it dry.

If I was really hard up, I may even use playdough, which is relatively cheap.

Yes much cheaper thank you for the tip

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You’re welcome. No worries. When I read about the ritual in the book of Azazel, I automatically tried to think of what I would use. Hobby stores carry that stuff, so I figured I would use that. Haven’t done the ritual yet. If you would, keep me/us informed :slight_smile:

Yes of course I’m excited for this I dont know what the out come will be of all this but. I feel it in my spirit its important azazel keeps telling me to carry the torch I still really dont understand this or what it really means I will be doing the gate walking my pact with Belial starts on the 14th this month

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