Help with the astral light body?

Hi all,

I’m working through KoF at the moment -which is an amazing read if anyone hasn’t read it yet, but I’m struggling with a certain part. Astral projection has never really been my strong suit, so when Eric says you need to “transfer your conciousness into your light body”, I hit a wall. Any tips on both creating the astral body and then transferring the remainder of conciousness to it?
On first thought I would say it’s about visualisation and intent, which I have had some experience with, but not enough to call it successful.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Try my Mousey MILD technique. As you’re falling asleep, imagine holding a small mouse in your (real) hand. Imaging the feel of it’s feet pattering about, it’s whiskers brushing your skin. Stay focused on it long enough and eventually you should notice the hand holding your imaginary mouse is no longer your real hand. You have an additional phantom limb.

From there, forget about the mouse and get the rest of your body free.

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