Help with tarot spread?

I did a simple spread for my future. The question was “what does the next ___ amount of time hold for me/where will I be ?”

I broke it down into sections

General : death (reversed)

1 month : queen of cups

3 months : 6 of swords

6 months : 7 of wands (reversed)

9 months : 3 of cups (reversed)

1 year : temperance

I’m not very good at interpreting tarot but the first card I can understand.

My life is still extremely hectic and I just had several bad things happen to me all at once. I don’t think it’s for the better though but maybe the card was referring to something spiritual Or maybe it’s saying I don’t know how to move forward.

Anyway any opinions are welcomed. Thank you.

general: you’re holding onto something/theres hesitation to change. maybe theres that you are generally just afraid of moving on
1 month: can show you being compassionate/sweet. or can signalise that you’re gonna meet a caring woman who’s going to be supportive towards you
3 months: you’re leaving somethign behind/theres a time for change in your life
6 months: maybe the change was not wanted and you’re thrown into an overwhelming situation. the 7 of wands shows that you want to give up
9 months: you’re isolating yourself from the people to fully gather yourself and handle the overwhelming feeling
1 year: patience is basically needed from yuo throughout the year but in the end you’re getting on the right track.

It sounds like a rough year but I hope it will go well for you! good luck

The cards tell you that you should try LOA :

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