Help with tarot reading

So i went to My Bael Altar And asked to advices And draw 3 cards

1 the Death
2 the Fool
3 the empress

What do you guys think these cards mean?

I am thinking that you should probably state what you were asking for advice on or what were you concentrating on achieving etc. before you went to the altar.

Also were any of these cards picked in the reverse position?

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I asked for Advices by bael on general

No, none of these were reversed

What vibes did you get from each card. Saying the name of the cards doesn’t help anyone and people will just give you a cold reading or what you want to hear. Tarot and oracle rely heavily on the vibes (positive, negative, neutral, feelings)you get from each card not just their meanings.

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Death mean transitioning, fool mean questioning one actions and next action, and queen mean something is fruitful or bountiful. But it’s up to you to figure out in your intuition what they telling you. So you tell us what it mean to you,what picture pop in your mind?

I have a page where i POST my rituals And get clients to do rituals for them.

So maybe a new beggining to get more clients?

Good start,so my next question is does it feel real,does it feel right. You control your own reality after all.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, feel real.

After i draw the tarot cards i get 4 New clients only in 1 day.

Ave Bael!!

Awesome, I am happy about your success.May you prosper and may your happiness last as long as you desire it to be.:heart::slightly_smiling_face::grin:

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Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

Oops made one tiny mistake turn out I got the fool mix up with the hang men the fool meaning is the beginning of one path,sorry about that.