Help With Succubus

I’ve tried summoning a succubus lover to be with me but I did the ritual through a mirror and I was drunk. So instead I got a whole group of spirits that I would gladly still trade for a succubus lover. One perticular male spirit tricked me into believing he was a succubus and even possessed me. How can I trade him for her?

I’ve read instructions on how to summon a succubus and I’m going to do it the right way this time. I would just like a proper trade off.

Check carl nagel,sucubus&incubus ebook,at amazon, or re-read u ritual instructions, tey are a litle hard to get off,unlesss u say u want them whut u, as magic partners &sex,

Thank’s for the suggestions but I can’t afford to purchase e-books right now. I did the ritual a few nights ago and am 95 percent sure it worked I just want to tell the other spirits to go away but I don’t know how to do that

So want to get rid of sucubus rgt,? The ebook is $10, usa, other tat tat,not sure,about sucubus making tem go away

banishing is what it’s called and any daughter’s of lilith I want to stay. Thanks for your help. I’ll see what I can do