Help with sigil magick

I’m writing this as I think things down so bare with me

Let’s say I have several sigils that I’d like to draw into a candle. I’m saying draw cuz I’m using glass candles

Taking into consideration that each sigil is a specific statement that the user thought in the first place, wrote it down and turned it into a symbol (or at least in my practice you could call it that way).

Each of this statements has its own function, im thinking of being extremely clear and specific with the things they are such as who is lighting the candle (full name) and I’m also thinking on adding herbs, flowers and such depending on the property that I’m looking for.

Again say you add basil and you plan to use it for love, one of those sigils would be “(full name) is using basil for love, it calls for its property and creates chains that bind it and interact with its energy”

Let’s say you work with the energy of the universe, intent, call it whatever but you believe energy is there and that is what makes your sigil work, then say your concept of energy can shape as you feel like, I create chains or ribbons or cords with what I believe is to be energy, but then you say how do I explain to the universe that I think that way, well you create a sigil for it, say you create a sigil that says that “(full name) considers energy to form a rope with the candle and interact with that energy to receive its properties”

Now put all that together, universe doesn’t really know what you think and no one really does cause we all only know what we as individuals know.

Now you create all your sigils and draw them into the candle, have in mind the school of fish analogy in terms of sigil work for this, I previously stated that I was thinking of creating the sigil for “full name lights this candle” I’m also thinking on creating a sigil for a few things:

1.-“combine the intent of sigils nearby” !!! the most important !!!

2.-“create an energy chain that can hook onto other energy chains”

3.-“each sigil for what to me represents each spice, herb, flower, color of ink or thing I add to the spell”.

After all this you say well how specific can you really be? Can I create a sigil that I can draw (or tattoo) on my body that creates a chain that hooks onto the other chain for each spell candle you perform? Well yes that’s what I’m thinking. To be more specific it goes something along the lines of “this sigil creates energy chains that hook onto specific energy workings done by and for (full name), fuses energy and creates a synergistic field that clings to and favors the user” (I also have one that is like specific energy working reception sigil)

Ok let’s recap, considering you’ve read till here you know my concept of energy is quite abstract, i mean energy by definition it’s abstract, to me thoughts are energy and these thoughts that turn into sigils can do anything, my plan is to start by drawing all my sigils in the candle, I will lit the candle and the sigil for who lights candle will work with the chain of intent combination sigil, herb property sigil, energy hook sigil and any other sigil I write into the candle, now the energy hook is open so I can draw the body sigils that create the other hook so the synergy within the users space, life, situation, etc. can begin

Since I’m not really sure are things like this servitors?

I’m really sorry if it’s hard to understand, English is my second language, now if you think anything I previously stated is wrong please let me know so I can correct or maybe you want me to get more in depth, thanks!

Taylor Ellwood talks about similar concepts and explains how to do them a little bit better imop here:

Not really imop. But you could create a servitor I guess, that could be triggered, when the effects from one ritual take off, and it begins the next process or something, but I think Ellwoods, working around how to trigger one effect from another make more sense.

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