Help with Sallos

Hello everybody;)
I’m looking for somebody who has a good connection with SALLOS
Anybody that can help me

I would be very thankful for all your help;))


What’s the problem? Sallos is an easy enough spirit to contact.


Hello;) thanks for reply…
Well my biggest problem is that I don’t her or see…
I’ve printed iut Sigil drew over with black marker and while listening to Sallos Enn I gaze at the sigil after the enn stops (after15min). After that I read what I’ve wrote, I welcome him, say what I want and what I’m offering
I thank the great duke
I repet this proces 2-3 times a day, one of them is waking up at 4 in the morning;)

But I never feel a presence
So I don’t know how I’m doin or is it accepted

I play his enn on my phone all day low voluime, also sleep with enn and sigil under my pillow;)

Also who is His superior?

Now sometimes I do lust for results, tryin my best not to…
Does lust for results destroy magick totally or just slows it down?


Depends on what your frame of mind is like. When you lust for results (i.e. focus on the lack of the thing you want) you act as a hostile observer, “locking” the situation in its current (undesirable) state. This is why modern/postmodern occult authors and practitioners advise you to try and forget that you have performed any magick at all. They want you to put it out of your head entirely; not just the result you desire, but the situation as a whole. When you’re not constantly checking for “signs” or worrying about whether the ritual worked/will work or not, you force the situation into a “locked” state subject to how you perceive it.

So, if you find yourself wanting to check for signs in the outer world (e.g. checking the person’s social media, checking your phone hoping you have a missed call/message from them, wondering when/if they’re going to contact you, letting yourself dwell on negative “oh but what if s/he hates me…”, etc.), the best thing you can do is immediately cancel that thought and instead focus intently on your outcome – imagine you have it now, and dwell on how grateful/happy you feel having your desire now.

In my opinion… you do not need to contact Sallos so frequently for the same request. One petition ritual is enough. You can leave out offerings for him if you want, as a kind of pre-payment in thanks for the result. Or, you can buy a copy of a book like Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield which contains instructions on rituals for contacting these spirits.


Thank you @Veil for a reply;)

The reason I said what I want and my offerings everyday is that maybe I destroyed the magick with lusting for result so it’s like a re-do
(I know stupid right)
I’m doin my best!

I find myself randomly talking to Sallos during the day, I would say His enn and his name 3x and just start talking to him, is that ok?
Or is it bad, like He’s not interesed in talking/listening?

I will find that book;)
I know about that (first) ritual so I need the superiors name.
Do you know the name of superior to Sallos?

So while re-readin your post
I will do one more time today and just try to forget about the situation.
Maybe the hardest part is trying to forget about Sallos. I’ve never heard him talking to me but I just like talking and thinking like he’s present

I’ve didnt determined timeframe, should I?
What is acceptiple timeframe (I know it depends on situation)

Im new to this so is there any way for me to know if the offer is accepted?

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Yes, it’s fine. I have had a few dealings with Sallos and in my experience he is amenable and agreeable.

I don’t know, sorry. I personally don’t think it matters, but I’m sure you could find out somewhere online.

There is nothing wrong with talking to him, but you don’t necessarily need to give him your same request over and over. If you wish to talk to him just for comfort then by all means do so.

I personally would not recommend a timeframe.
I say this because the only rituals I count as failures have been ones where I have asked for specific timeframes.
But I have had Sallos deliver results in as little as 2 days, up to about 3 weeks.

You offer something as part of the ritual when you speak to Sallos. Or, you give the promise of an offer, which you then provide when the outcome is fulfilled.

You may also want to read the book Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer, which has more simplistic rituals, but includes a ritual with Sallos and his corresponding Shem angel.


Thank you @Veil
Tryed to look on the internet but could not find it but I’ll find it somehow or it will find me;)
I think it matters for that petition ritual from the book

2days to 3 weeks would be great but I think my “lusting” will delay it but as I wrote I’m really doin my best with Sallos

I’ve put a bottle of wine after first time speaking to Him as a sign of new friendship
And for request I’ve offerd something He will love
A lot of booze, public shoutots online and in my circles and my loyalty;)

Now I just need to find somebody who has a great connection with Him to tell me is it accepted, is there a timeline and does He have any tips for me while I’m working with him


Okay but it is not necessary cause demons don’t need that, daily rituals about stuff. Do it once and write it in your workbook. Wait 3 days and see if you need to repeat it. After that 3 weeks or 3 months and do a balance of the working


Thank you @Rav
Reason I was doin it coz I’m worried that my lusting for result may delay or destroy the magick so I was kind re-doin
and maybe to know if it was accepted


If anybody has any more tips you all are more than welcome to share;)

Also can anybody do a Divination for me?

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Re-doing the same magick over and over is you lusting for results.

This has really helped me (From Damon Brand)

"Magick is about getting results, so how are you meant to avoid desire? There’s no point in doing magick for something you don’t want. By definition, that means you want the result. Is such desire considered to be lust? Thankfully, it isn’t. Desire is an essential part of magick… ‘Lust For Result’ is not about extreme desire, but about the times when your eagerness for a magickal result is more important than your actual desire.

For example, if you desperately want to sell your novel, you can still want that with all your heart…You need to keep your focus on the feeling of your desire having come to pass, and take your focus off the magick you’ve completed."

Soooo…as I see it, visualizing and imagining what your result will feel like - how good it will make you feel, feeling as if it has come to pass already- that’s not lusting for results.

Thinking about “him” or “her” and/or imagining the future and all that goes with it and how cool and good things will be is all good and will actually strengthen the magick.

Doing rituals for the same result over and over, calling on multiple demons to perform the same task because the first one is not delivering fast enough for you, that’s what I understand to be “lusting for result” and that will impede your magick…


Thank you!!


I just wanted to ask since im new to this…i called different demons to help with the same issue but my approach was layering my magic and tackling it from all different angles to ensure success,i didnt mean it as being doibtful or not patient to the first demon i called for help
Does this still count as lusting for results?


It sounds to me like you worked some intelligent and well thought out magic! Just make sure you give the magick some time to breathe.


So I gave my best with Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion and…
I think I’m doin something wrong because I l’m gettin the opposite, actually situation is worse… If I look at it now from the feedback that I’m gettin I think it won’t happen

Here is what I plan on doing for my lust for results, I’ll share so you can decide whether or not to also do it:

Lucifer who can grants you the ability to perceive the truth that whatever you desire is already done


The Angel Kevashiel who can help magicians overcome lust for results, Helps break obsessions and Grants inner peace when you are feeling desperate.

Do these two and be PATIENT!!! What’s yours is yours my love. You will get what you want. I mean think about it, why wouldn’t you?


Okay, well next time you perform
Magick and find yourself lusting, keep this ritual in mind. There is almost always a way to fix things. Wishing you well!!


How do we call on Angel Keveshiel?