Help with relationships with Goetic Demons

Hey you guys. I’m really new here. I’ve been reading about the occult for a little while now. I read a lot of stuff online and I get a lot of contradictions about some stuff. I was wondering if it’s possible just to try to form a mutual relationship with a demon? I’ve been reading a lot about Bune. I’ve drawn and meditated on his sigil. Just trying to get to know about him. For some reason I was drawn to Bune the first time I saw his name. I had someone tell me this is a bad idea because since I’m so new to this I really don’t have any protection. I thought that Bune was a good first goetic demon to work with. I don’t have anyone in my life I can talk to about this that knows anything about it. So sorry if I sound like I’m ignorant on the topic. I’m trying to hard to learn as much as I can. So is this a bad idea to already be meditating on Bunes sigil and talking to him in my head? I want to like form a relationship when I eventually get to the point where I can invoke demons. Or should I just ask them for what I want and do their end of the deal and that be that ?
But I also heard about guardian demons. Which I want to find out who is mine.
If anyone could help me or give me some insight that would be very appreciated.

Thank you all


Go with your instincts, look at your journey starting out as experiments little by little learn something new every day. Dont get cocky with the “im a badass magician” complex.


Thank you for the reply! Yeah, Ive been reading as much as I can every day when I am not at work. Also I would never act high and mighty. I dislike people who have complexes like that.

Thank you so much for your advice

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I see nothing wrong with you going to Bune first; go to the ones you’re drawn too.
You can always look up protections here and find things you like, Bune would probably help you.

I haven’t heard of Guardian Demons yet but look it up here and find out if you have one! Go for it, being bold but wise is good.

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Respect any spirit and you will not have a problem ! You dont need super protection
Thats from my experience
I have evoked demon God godess angel etc
And i dont have the problem


If you goal is to invoke demons I suggest starting with your own hereditary memory. There’s alot of arguments about what a demon is. In my experience, it all goes back to a time when a powerful international empire called The Universalist Continuum desided to create a universal human form using breeding and eugenics.

The Continuum deemed certain races of beings demons while others were accepted into the Continuum and allowed to breed. This actually caused a major war that reverberates through time. Champions of the past have fought against the Continuum through time and thus shunned and called demon. Our souls and perhaps even our own dna can be traced back to them.

Working with hereditary memory and soul memory can be very intense. Unlike invoking a foriegn egrigor which is often hard to do, working with soul and hereditary memory gives you a direct feed. You are the whole source and the experience is within you.

When I did hereditary memory I invoked primal forms that showed me ancient stories. When I did soul memory I focused on my mom’s side of the family which has some rough history. I ended meeting this being called “the old man” who runs this college of demons. I think he’s one of the main devils.

This stuff can get pretty intense and consuming. I’ve grown up with weird experiences so I have alot to self analyze. I also surf forums sometimes and look for interesting people or try to answer new people’s questions. I hope my info helps you out in your quest. :smiley_cat:


Get the book demons of magick by Gordon winterfield it’s on amazon search it up it has everything you need to do it without any equipment.


Know anything about Prince Malphas?