Help with onoskelis ..... possibly?

Now before I say this I want to acknowledge I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT onoskelis this could all be chalked up to coincidence.

A couple nights ago I was sitting down and talking to my friend when I saw a entity in pure white. Its face was ice white and so was the the apparent robe and burqa it was wearing it also appeared to be female. Her whole appearance was ice white except for her eyes that were black with black goopy tears running on her face. she was sobbing and just walked from one room into another. My friend notice I was looking weird ask me what was wrong. I tried to explain that’s when I turned my head and saw her lurched at me screaming but like in a frantic crying way. I was alittle startled but when things calmed down I went into the kitchen to get a drink when I heard the sobbing again and I looked behind me and saw her this time her arms were bleeding blackness. I felt like she just needed support so as weird as it was I gave her a hug as soon as I did all the Icy white literally melted away and revealed a blonde woman with odd neon aqua eyes looking at me smiling. Her smiling made uncomfortable there was something sinister in her smile. She then suddenly disappeared. Iv dealt with demons before and learn a lot from them. And as odd as it seems to say even though her smile had a sinister feel it also kinda felt like a gift.

Ok so by now your probably wondering what this has to do with onoskelis and the truth is nothing. The only reason I wondered if it was her was because earlier that day I accidentally stumbled upon a post about onoskelis.

I don’t know if it was onoskelis or not that’s why I am asking for help. If it was onoskelis why would they do that and if it wasn’t who the hell was it.

I’d appreciate any help.

Thanks, J

I will be frank and say I have never heard of this entity.

The most I can advise is this –

To make sure you are actually contacting the entity rather than an imposter.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: