Help with not getting sick

I’m quite new to magick still, and i don’t know if this is a really small problem, but I might be getting sick and I absolutely can’t afford to now. I have two of my a-levels coming up inside a week (first on this friday) and I cannot afford to be sick since I need to be able to focus and if I couldn’t show up it would affect my graduation majorly. So if anyone has any spells or rituals or quite literally anything that could help, I’d definitely appreciate some tips

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Try this:

Also I am not medically qualified nor am I a nutritionist but what I do if I start feeling ill is eat some ginger (crystallised is fine) and also try to get a couple of cloves of garlic in food, or minced into some bouillon, and also, drink a couple of teaspoonfuls of any kind of vinegar in warm water (through a straw so it won’t corrode your teeth). Red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar for choice, but I used to use ordinary malt vinegar as well. (Edit to add, I space these apart, all three at once would be too much.)

Your entire body chemistry and spiritual balance may differ from mine so I can’t just say “hell yeah do this” but maybe research the ideas.

Pray (telepathically send a petition to) the god Thoth for insight as to how to prevent illness and for success and protection for your exams:

Finally, go to a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and state “I give you pemission to be sick after these exams, but not yet!”

Don’t try to do anything spooky, or go into trance, just do it like a conversation with yourself, then walk away.


That symptomatology is a sign that your immune system / which is the one that defends us from diseases-, bone antibodies protect us by identifying and killing cells that are pathogenic; Viruses, bacteria and parasites, which in a certain way, end up making us sick / needs your attention. At the level of the energy-balancing organization, this great system weakens or loses strength, due to the low quality of the food we consume or that are not natural, the toxins of the environment, the water, our genetic load also plays a role, stress … The blessed stress !, and the latter is characteristic for his story in his daily life.Also one of the most frequent causes for which we get sick, is the -too- use of drugs or antibiotics that only over- they activate, and they cure a symptom, it can cause the same symptom that is being treated; for example, the use of tranquilizers in high doses causes anxiety.

Follow these recommendations:
Increase your fruits and vegetables a day and season, it is very fun to play with the flavors and join the seasonal crops.

Get on omega 3, anti-inflammatory and antihistamines par excellence (later I promise to talk to you about these wonders).

Lower the milk.

Say no! to light products. If it says “low on …”, “free of …”, better leave it where you found it because it is far from being a natural food.

Do not go to bed immediately after dinner.

It accustoms the probiotics.

When you consume antibiotics, give yourself a chance to replenish your intestinal flora and stop taking them at the time indicated by your treating physician. Nothing I’m going to take in case it hurts or “this helped me a long time, I’m going to take it again!”

Exercise according to your possibilities and times, the thing begins in using stairs instead of the elevator, going for a walk, dusting the bike, practicing yoga, a boxing class, a little corridita … And making this a habit.

Have fun and release at least one good laugh a day.

After you take these measures let’s move on to the spiritual, do not exchange the order of the factors, not everything does magic!

I prescribe to summon Princess Verrine / Verrain, Verrin, Verrain, Verin these are her divine names.

She will bring to your energy field according to the specialty of your office:
She is a “demon of health”, she is a spirit of “positive polarity” she is “kind”. It is considered a “demon of creation” rather than a destructive one. Its benefits:

  • Increase the body’s ability to heal and recover, the same body under its divine positive polarity automatically regenerates upon feeling sick as is the case, it is fabulous!
  • It can increase the resistance of the body to the side effects of diseases, its great power throws it for example when for a lot of stress you can not sleep the time required to achieve rest, the Princess Verrine gives you the resistance and does not let the lack of rest takes a toll on the vital energy field avoiding decompensation or weakness for this pathology,
  • Power your aura to convert incoming energies into blessings, it is excellent to give protection to the enegeic field, ALL ENERGY WILL BE TRANSMUTED IF IT COMES WITH NEGATIVE LOAD BEFORE ENTERING YOUR ASTRAL FIELD
  • Verrain rules on “Health, medicines, invention” and “Herbs” because it represents the positive polarity of life.

His excellence verrine works with Colors: white, blue, green, yellow exerts its power over camphor; Bayberry; Blackberry; Dragon’s blood according to what is being requested, burning in a few proportions camphor releases the enegeic field of larvae, parasites or influences sent by the auspices of its power.

Elan Typan Verrine -, Traditional Enn or ‘Summoning Song’ for Verrine

A hug and success!verrine


Pray to Osiris for protection and to stay healthy.

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