Help with my jealousy please

I need help, I’m looking for someone to tell me which deity or entity I can work with to help me cut through the jealousy and insecurities I feel in my relationship. Please, any name will do, I need urgent assistance.

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Any entity that 's good for shadow work. I think that is the best way to get rid of jealousy.
It’s probably not something that is resolved overnight. Since it is rooted in something within your psyche and/ or subconscious, perhaps linked to past issues or even traumas. Petitioning an outside source and force isn’t going to take it away. They will merely show you the root of the problem and leave you to deal with it.

I struggled with it as well, when I was a young lad. Including being convinced of all kind of imaginary scenarios and gaslighting and accusing girlfriends of things they were oblivious about. Nasty shit…
I was lucky to have a mate who was even worse than me and blew up his relationship quite spectacularly. It took a good long talk with his ex to get her side of the story and her being very candid and honest about what it did to her in their relationship that made me realize I had to take care of this no matter what.
So I started doing just that. Whiteknuckeling and teethgrinding my way through it not fully knowing what I was doing and falling down and getting up a lot along the way. Getting rid of these kinds of things is not easy and doesn’t happen fast. But totally worth it in the end. Ritualizing some of it to imprint on your subconscious or using spirits or deities to push along the right way might help and speed up this process, but the grunt work is going to have to be done by you.

Be sure to be honest and let your other person know you are struggling with this, you don’t want to stay like this, am willing to work on this but are going to need their help and patience as well. Make sure they realize as well that you won’t change overnight.
Also remember that you are not only doing this for your current relationship but all others in the future (even non-romantic ones).

I can share how I eventually conquered my possessiveness and jealousy in the non-occult way. But it will be quite the long read.


BUER, AZAZEL, LUCIFER, LILITH, LEVIATHAN, PAIMON, and PHENEX are all good ones and they all work well together whenever you need the extra strength for those days you feel off the wall emotionally sick this way or any other way of imbalances and emotional issues. Also, marchosias is good at balancing energies, and Malphas teaches people how to perceive their negative emotions in a transformative way instead of reacting to them. Meditation is also another way to reveal a great number of things.


Isa, Kenaz, and Wujno together are known for stress management.


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Mystic words of power by Damon Brand can definitely help. I used some of the rituals in the book to change a lot of things that I struggled to overcome. It is easy to use, and very effective when it comes to working on self.


A side thought (this will depend on how you ‘do’ jealousy).

Jealousy often stems from, or results in, a degree of obsession. Kevashiel is brilliant for breaking obsessions


Just wanted to expound on one of points @LvxMferre made in their excellent response: The grunt work.

Wait, before anything else, look in the mirror and be proud of yourself for a minute. You already did the two biggest steps that most people either can’t or won’t: Admitted you have a problem and sought help.

Back to grunt work, and I have to disagree with @Ragepanda’s take: Jealousy is born from a lack of self confidence and self worth.

You know yourself better than anyone here. Be honest with yourself about your failures. Were they failures, or did you just give up? If you saw something through but still failed, did you really fail? Or is that just your perception? Analyze what you did, note how you felt during those times, and own it.

Then comes the fun part: Pick one thing to accomplish, and stick with it until you do. Start with something small, just as long as it has significant meaning to you, and don’t deviate or start other tasks until you have accomplished it.

Once you have, take a moment to acknowledge what you accomplished. Use it as a step to the next thing. And the next. Etc.

Also, test yourself. Can you go to a restaurant and have dinner by yourself? Can you go to the theater and enjoy a movie alone? The point is if you can’t stand being around yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

The end goal of all of this is that you’ll know yourself, have accomplished some meaningful goals (cancelling our previous failures in the process), and shown that you don’t necessarily need him, you just choose to keep his company. If he decides to stray, that just means his character was tested and he failed. Has nothing to do with you.