Help with motivation?

So with all the things that’s gone down in my life within the past few months I’ve lost alot of will to do well…anything.Especially spiritual or ritual work.I barely even meditate.I’m in quite a rut in the physical and spiritual aspect of things.I can’t quiet my mind enough to even sit through reading much anymore.

I’ve thought about the idea of calling King Paimon to basically manipulate my mind in a positive way but I think I’ve had enough of the darker forces for awhile.

I’ve been reading Rofus Opus’ A Modern Angelic Grimoire and have been thinking about pathworking through it because I honestly feel like I need like lighter more gentle forces in my life right now.
My main concern is the fact that I’m a father.And when my daughter returns home I don’t want her to return to the chaos of any entity teaching me a hard lesson.

But once again the lack of will stands in my way.
Anybody ever get in one of these ruts before?
What helped you out?

Try invoking the Angel of Lost Things into your life, I did that and it was like a spiritual shot of fizzy gentle loving energy - and it didn’t return anything I wanted to STAY lost!

Or try the Archangel Raphael, and explain you have a child and need to not be getting disruptive “lessons” (which, as I’ve said many times, I think are bullshit anyway in 99% of cases) - Raphael works with people no matter their beliefs or other practices, he might be the right one to help heal your “cosmic blehs”? :slight_smile:

And what is the name of this Angel of Lost Things? Is there a sigil or certain prayer used to initiate contact with this being?

I think it’s Chamuel.

When summoning this angel,I spelled the angel’s name in Hebrew on a receipt,and used that as my sigil,and the prayer came from the heart,as do most of the invocations and incantations in my rituals.

This angel appears in a loving aura,and I saw pinkness when I summoned him.First,I saw pink bubbles swirling around me,before several of them gathered into a thick foam,revealing the angel.

Also,you can contact the archangel Gabriel.I love Gabriel,because he’s actually one of the most famous angels in Islam(of course,they call him Jibril :P),so he’s one of the first angels I knew of by name and contacted.

He is known for being able to do all sorts of things.As the messenger,the earpiece and mouthpiece of the divine,I took that to mean that he was my way to praying easily.

So,he would be able to take our immaterial and abstract thoughts,taking them to the immaterial and abstract source,and then bringing them down into creation,as the voice of divinity.

He’s also the one who taught me how to pray effectively,I think,though I’m a bit fuzzy on that one.Either way,he will do wonders for your astral senses as well,and in a PM,you asked me how you could improve those in particular.

The name alone, “I call on the Angel of Lost Things” should do it. No prayers, sigil or anything, since it’s already within us. That was my experience. Adding to it just creates layers of conditionality i.e., things that can go wrong, or (worse) that you’ll worry you got wrong.

You should always incorporate a Physical Practice into every spiritual practice besides sitting down and meditating. The reasons are numerous, which includes health reasons amd just being grounded and getting your energy flowing.

Ontop of that, when you can see your spiritual practice in hour physical practice like Chi King then your more magickally on your way. Doesnt matter whether you are smoking a blunt to go into spiritual trances or Lifting wrights or running at the gym building up energy Fantasizing about destroying enemies. Because after you do these things its easier to relax and meditate.

Get a mala or a rosary (a string with knots tied in it will work as well) and as you are laying in bed right as you are feeling the first waves of sleep overtaking you recite “I am motivated” or “My motivation is back” or some other affirmation concerning your motivation.

Repeat this affirmation until you fall asleep, sliding a bead between your finger each time you complete one affirmation. This will have the effect of lulling you to sleep, waking you up, then lulling you back to sleep. You will slowly reach the liminal state where all magic is preformed by human beings, here your affirmation will be impressed upon your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind will in turn impress it upon the astral world in bringing about the needed change.

Upon waking the next day repeat the affirmation about 40 times. Continue this until you see results.

For the change you are looking to make direct evocation is unneeded and would likely lead to complications. Here you are seeking to understand your Will and that is one of the things spirits, awesome though they may be, can’t help us with. They may try to help but even the higher ones can’t help us with our Will.

if you want something a little more mechanical and less… i guess “committed” than sentient energies like angels, try the planets instead. a good dose of jupiter or venus should get things moving.

of course, i’m a saturnian cultist so i can’t really speak as to the other planets. nevertheless, invoking jupiter always helps ease these kinds of stagnating ruts. try mercury if you need more energy / clarity without the aggression / overt masculine domination of mars.

and bear in mind that to change something, just invoke it’s opposite rather than banish what you don’t want. it’s easier to turn on a light than it is to banish darkness.