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So, intro, I’m Felix, a brand new baby Witch, though I have been interested, (if skeptical), in the process and results of Magick. That is, until I really started researching the Goetic Demons, as well as some others, like Azazel and his Demons. I’ve always felt a connection, almost an empathic link, to these spirits and others like them. Also, I’ve always been good with sensing the energies of other humans, as well as the occasional non-human entity. My problem is, everywhere I look, I see that meditation is key in working with Demons and Magick. Meditation, however, has always been fairly impossible for me. I am one of the few people incapable of forming a mental image, so visualization techniques don’t work for me, and my mind is NEVER quiet. So, any helpful suggestions as to other methods to go about meditation would be most appreciated!

You’re not incapable… You Jus think you are…

Practice makes perfect

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you just have to practice. do 5mins a day for a few days then 10 and so on. just make sure to do it everyday. i have panic disorder and a brain that goes 1 million miles an hour so if i can do it anyone can. I know the feeling you have but in a month or so you will really start noticing a difference in everything in your life. The key is making it a habit.


Meditation can be difficult at first, but—like many, many other things in this life—just requires practice!

Start with breathing exercises (breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, hold for four seconds, repeat). Make conscious notes when your mind wanders and then return your focus to your breathing. Try this for anywhere from 10-45 minutes a day. It will help with becoming aware of your own thoughts.

Another exercise I enjoy to help me connect with my senses through meditation is to lie down (This can be anywhere. The floor, a couch, your bed, etc.). Start with a breathing exercise, then focus on your left big toe. How does it feel? Can you feel air against it? Make mental notes. Then do the same for your foot, then calf, knee, so on and so on. Work your way up your body, all the way to the hair on your head. At this point, your should be extremely aware of your own body!

It’s much easier to practice meditating on the physical realm first because it’s what we’re already familiar with. There’s also no set-in-stone way to “correctly” meditate because it’s an inherently personal process.
Good luck!

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Thanks so much, I’ll keep grinding away. I’m very determined, just mildly discouraged.

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