Help With Major Life Change

Its becoming more and more clear that I have to move on with my life. Too much stagnation for others and personal mistakes.

I am done.

Will be honest though; its like I could use a complete 180 on my life and will say rapid would be appropriate to use.

Place of my own, money, new cloths, debts paid off, all that.

Just a new fresh start.

Now; I would like to ask; who have y’all consulted and worked with when it came to something of this magnitude.

Also I am aware of a price that must be paid, fuck it I’m down.

Any suggestions and advice would be welcome


I know this isn’t specifically the answer you’re asking for, but In remembering what has made the most rapid turn around for me I can say two things, the second one is closer to what you’re asking about.

  1. I am doing the most intense combination of shadow work (thinking about what was wrong about my life and what role I played being a part of that ) + self reprogramming (getting clear on what I wanted my life to be) + energy work (pranayama + visualization + mantras/affirmations )…

After a while I quit doing breathing + affirmations/mantras at teh same time unless I wanted my life to dramatically change… sometimes it changed so much that it was almost too much.

  1. Contacting the spirit(s) of my future or alternate selves that already have mastered lifetimes of the things I am dealing with (aka evoke or talk to any spirit or person that has mastery on the subject you need to know about) … and… DO WHAT THEY SAY. Thats the hard part.

how do you do shadow work and contact parallel selves?

Im more than interested

Also thank you very much

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Basic 321 shadow work. (Susan Bearer’s method, there are others)
0. Choose an experience that sucks… Go into a (trance) state (this is a visualzation/meditation method)

  1. Observe the situation from 3rd person (outside yourself, as if you’re an observer), and express/say what you feel without holding anything back.
  2. Go into 2nd person IN the situation (like how you remember it), and ask questions about why this is having these effects on you.
  3. Go into 1st person, where you become the situation or person that is the problem, from that point of view, looking back at yourself from outside yourself as if you switched places. … become the problem in other words… and then talk to your self explaining why you (as the problem) are doing this.
    (you can find examples of this on youtube)

Parallel Selves has a few different methods, Two that I have researched are Quantum Jumping and Secret Mirror.

The main technique is to get into TGS/trance and intend to contact yourself… either yourself from the future or another place, that was exactly where you are now, and has already solved all the problems that you have now. Then you travel to them… ask them questions and listen to the answers… then ‘merge/step into’ them and feel what it feels like to have already solved all your problems.

This is the method I’ve been using lately and it solved a few things for me that other methods did not… if you can trance and shift your mind state it let’s you see a clear path out of the situation and be able to look back and see what already worked … before you do it… It can be a little weird and you can get some out of synch reality stuff… like having multiple memories of a single event and things, but I think it’s worth it for the rapid changes.

The main thing this method does is short circuit the time frame… I mean I still have to do stuff, but it’s been something I could do one time for 5-10 minutes and have my life veer way off course to a new direction and implement habits within days rather than weeks or months, and it’s easier than most other things I have done. This is one I still use a lot, and it aligns with LHP/Self as ultimate authority pretty well.


I gotta ask; what is the best method to get into TGS? I have looked for binaureal beats for it, but nothing seems to really work.

Any suggestions?

Also thanks very much

Welcome… For me the best method is to do slow deep breathing… basically slow down the breathing until I feel like I’m about to fall asleep and it’s hard to talk or write. I’m sure there are other methods but that it what I noticed works best for me.

Basically you have to master physical relaxation… which is the master key they lets you do everything else.

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