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So i’m here, again. I still have the issue where I can’t manifest anything big for myself. I recently did some work with 5 spirits to manipulate someone to love me, but I’m still getting no results. Can anyone check on the progress of this spell to make sure its working?

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If there’s no love present you’re practically poking a dead horse with a stick hoping the stick will bring it back to life. Magick and mundane can work together, spark a little mundane and make it grow with magick.

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I understand but there has been a small spark that I know has been there for a while.

There are many ways to do magick. If one method or technique is not getting you results… try something different. If you’re using evocations, try casting spells. There are tons of ways to cast spells. Experiment with it until you find a specific one that works best for you.

Some people get best results from visualization, others from manipulating their emotions, while others get great results from simple/classic verbal spells and incantations. Which symbols work best for you? Candles? Sigils? hoodoo Jars and voodoo dolls ? herbs and oils? No tools or ingredients at all? Test until you find the best combination of elements that gets you results and use it for all your work, make it your own personal way of doing magick.

Also keep in mind that love spells could be very simple or extremely complicated. Depends on the situation of each relationship. You need to think very deeply about it from many different angles until you find the best approach. Sometimes the weakness is not in the spell or spirit, but in the task given to it, that doesn’t fit the situation or doesn’t solve the problem… that’s why it seems that nothing is happening. Sometimes you need to break-down the work into different spells or rituals instead of one to get the final desired result.

In my opinion, when it comes to love magick, it’s best to work on giving your target enough reasons to change their minds, instead of using force to make them do what they don’t want to do. That could improve your chances of success.


its not just love magick that isn’t working. I have done different approaches as well. I just need somebody to check the progress of this one that I cast. I don’t necessarily need coaching because I can manifest for others perfectly. I know what to do but can’t get shit done.

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Hm… Do you developing your chakras? If not then i suggest you try it. :ok_hand: Spiritual things will be easier when you can use ure spiritual senses. :male_detective:‍♂

I think my chakras are well developed. I meditate on them daily.

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A tarot reading may be good for this.

i’m not good at tarot :joy:

I don’t even have a deck honestly

Some spirits are great for divination… you can try to contact one and ask for the progress of your work.

who would you recommend?

Well great. :+1:

Vassago is friendly and very helpful, I would recommend contacting him.

Hecate, Odin, freya, Loki, the Norns mostly lol so on.


Try call on Sargatanas. Nolan_Toney#

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Agreed with the reading suggestion. I got a reading done by someone who said my manifestation was fermenting, the spirits received the message, were working on it, everything looked good - but I had to exorcise a block from my life - this block happened to be a male.

Invaluable insight, truly

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Ay, I’ll do a reading for you! I use any chance I can get to practice.

Sounds good! Yeah I’d love that. PM me and we can get it started

I don’t think I have the right level yet, lol. Are you able to PM me?