Help with lung cancer

He doesn’t smoke cigarettes he only does weed because it helps him with the pain. No alcohol and no coffee.

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It doesn’t matter the weed is just the same as cigarettes. Some might say its worse. PTSD with smoking its probably a forgone conclusion.

A - Smoking is bad for you (I used to smoke 40 a day for near on 30 odd years).

B - A lot of cancer is merely the symbolic of the psychosis. PTSD IS psychosis.

Add the two together and you have a disaster waiting to happen.



Meditation for Pain Relief - YouTube - pain relief. Pain is a ride learn how to surf it.


I believe Marbas is pretty amazing.
Also organic CBD oil in high concentrate is beneficial. Available online.

Seriously, all the best. This shit is so tough.


Welcome @Gabby

I’m sorry to hear about your boyfriend, but please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum and required.


@Gabby this is a simple beginner step for working with Raphael:

This has a walk-through on doing basic visualisation for more complex things: What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)


Just did. Thank you!

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Thank you very much! :heart:

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Actually weed, or better the CBD part of weed has helped a friend of ours to shrink a lung tumor. It is now at a size they can operate. The recommendation came from his doctor. But definitely don’t smoke it. There are many options now, which high CBD low THC strains and they come in drops, edibles and many more forms. Sending healing and blessings :slightly_smiling_face:

I point out to people thar inhaling chemicals such as chemical cleaners, air fresheners, hair spray, perfume, cologne, even candles that are unnatural hurt your lungs.
Since detoxing, i cant even be around these things. Its bad bad bad.

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In case anyone is interested and the vast majority aren’t, I strongly suggest researching: chlorine dioxide, Jim Humble and MMS. There’s also a Genesis II Church Facebook page with pictures, as well as testimonials on YouTube.

This stuff is cheap, works quickly and cures a lot more than cancer - all cancers. Anyway, I’ve been using it and curing self-selected people’s cancers for thirteen years. The Wikipedia page on “chlorine dioxide” has all the lies in one convenient place, so make sure you read that.

AIDS, STDs, malaria, influenza, colds, measles, mumps, chickenpox, boils, pimples, skin fungal infections and heaps more - chlorine dioxide works so quick it’ll make your oncologist’s head spin.



@Gabby, I know way too much about cancer.

I’d like to know more about angelic and demonic help for cancer,too!

I don’t fee comfortable posting alternative methods. Why?
Because different alternative methods work for different types of cancers.
Not always a “one remedy fits all” solution.

I can say one of the very best things your boyfriend can do is boost his immune system .
And research what diet and nutrition would be best for him.Don’t go overboard trying every supplement out there. Do the research and let him decide what he thinks will work and what he will actually follow.

Most oncologist know dick all about nutrition.
Nutrition is not a big subject in medical school.

My father was a chiropractor so I am not a big fan of the AMA.
Allopathic medicine does have it’s place in cancer treatment.

Not going down the big pharma conspiracy route either.
At least not today.

Also, if your state has legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, have him ask his
oncologist for a card/prescription. Edibles might not cure cancer but will make him feel better!

Please know that cancer is not the big death sentence it used to be. Many people are survivors these days.

Cancer sucks. Hang tough!!!

Keep us posted.

Sorry for all the edits. Kept thinking about different things.:neutral_face:


@Uncle-Al I think "chlorine dioxide” has lots of promise for cancers and uses for other maladies, too.

The science makes sense to me. I have it on my schedule to use.

Mixing a bunch of remedies at one time doesn’t let me single out what is being most effective.

I prefer to throw everything against the wall to see which one will stick.
Not the best method for health.

Other things? OH YES!! :wink:

I am a Magician. I was led to chlorine dioxide almost 13 years ago. I will never find anything even half as good again in this lifetime. If using for cancer don’t take anti-oxidants, including vitamins or fruit juices with added Vit C. Causes diarrhea so keep up the liquids. Forty drops from each bottle, plus dilution, 3 mins wait and water and drink is about the maximum for a day. If possible, larger doses before bed. Best on an empty stomach as the red blood cells pick it up from the stomach (apparently).

Feeling sick - eat something, like a biscuit or packet of crisps.
Going to vomit - take Vit. C. (Wait at least 2 hours after Vit. C before you resume chlorine dioxide.)

Tastes “WRETCHED”. Cures just about bloody everything - fast.


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Actually his doctor wanted to prescribe him weed but his insurance is through the VA and they won’t approve it:neutral_face:.

Just curious. Wasnt there a recent change to the VA medical or has it always been this way?

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It always been this way

Some workings shouldnbe donento help change it. I wonder it will probablg change with any upcoming Marijuana Boom.

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@Gabby, the VA is a pain in the ass.

I encourage you to conduct your own research.
Better yet, have your boyfriend do it.

The answers are out there.

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The secrets will continue to guard themselves. That’s the nature of Magick, because of Magick’s real secrets. The masses self-select destruction on so many levels.

I recommend the Wikipedia webpage on Chlorine dioxide , I really do. After all, we all know that Wikipedia is god’s encyclopedia, it’s all true and correct because there’s no way in the world special interest groups can influence its contents, is there? What’s more, except when it comes to horrid diseases like cancer or AIDS, there’s nothing more rhp than safety in numbers – so go with Wikipedia!

While still available you could also checkout the YouTube postings then write it all off as bull shit. That’s what the majority are told and obediently do and it’s just so rhp.

With the knowledge and personal experience I have I am a God in this life who holds life and death in my hands! I can cure or condemn. I’m cautious with whom I spread the truth, but not here on the BALG forums because I’m hoping – perhaps against hope – that members will do the correct lhp thing, research and use chlorine dioxide themselves so that in the fullness of time they too will be have the same power and knowledge I possess.

It’s available on-line, it’s inexpensive, has many applications and it works real quick. What’s not to like? Alternatively, I’m just an anonymous web-sicko pushing a scam and trying to suck people in by giving them false hopes for my own perversely idiosyncratic laughs; but that’s very much a matter for you.


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