Help with love spell using hair

Hello. Can you please share any love spells using someone’s hair?

I usually add personal concerns in love candle
I prefer making the candle wax as i visualiz the wax figure being the person that I’m casting the spell on.
I repeat the incantation that usually comes to my mind as I make the wax figure and visualizing the outcome and I would also call upon demon to empower me through the spell
It worked very well with me tbh I mean my best friend is engaged :wink:


Thanks for the reply but I would need something more specific…

if i am not wrong, what @Hadella is saying, that you should use that hair and make a candle, while making that candle, just put the hair or hairs in candle and your intent, finish the candle, and do some candle magic.

you asked for suggestion he/she gave you one from her experience.

oh well i could be wrong.

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