Help with King Belial

A little while ago I started making petitions to King Belial. One of them brought me some good opportunities as requested.
One of them was, maybe a little bit dodgy so I didn’t go through with it.

Since then, all work has dried up, money that was coming in from a couple of jobs unrelated, the people involved are not returning my emails. Its almost like everything has vanished.
I feel like King Belial is either testing me or deliberately trying to ruin me.
My senses aren’t developed enough to ask him directly.

I’m on the verge of bankruptcy, and being homeless. I’m really struggling to get anything sorted as I have serious anxiety because of this. Not sure I can go on much longer.
I also feel other spirits are staying away and unable to help, as other magic thats usually successful is not working.

I apologised for not taking the opportunity and gave offerings.
But its not had the desired effect. I’m seriously fucked.
Can someone please help me/advise me??

I’m very sorry for your situation. I don’t really use spells, only asked him to do sth once, and he granted it but it came with consequences even though I deliberately asked him to avoid said consequences. I have a special bond with him and he didn’t really make an exception. I understood though that I was lacking and not all my screw ups can or should just be fixed by asking a spirit nicely.

I would like to at least check for you what’s going on. How should I refer to you in case I can get in touch with Belial?

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Thanks so much for the reply. I’ll DM you if thats ok?

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If you doubt he is trying to help… what’s the point of working with him?
Demons have no obligation to serve you all that you wish for on a silver spoon.
You must figure out the way, raise above the illusion.

Been there. I was destroyed and have paid dearly, actually became homeless with children shortly after making a pact. But when building a house, you start with a solid foundation. I see now how all the things I lost needed to fall away. Now I’m doing better than ever, on all fronts. I read before I made the decision to work with Him, that it probably would get worse before it got better. But I thought nah it won’t be that bad or it can’t get worse and maybe somewhere I didn’t believe it would work at. all. Well I was wrong. Just hang in there. I don’t feel He is trying to ruin you. But personally when someone asks me for my advice and then starts arguing with me about it, that’s really annoying. I feel it is something like that. He wants to know if you’re serious and will stick through it.


I made a video on this type of adversity this morning on my channel .
I have worked with Belial for eight months and what I’ve learned is that ongoing provision is something that doesn’t always just manifest if that opportunity to excel beyond that moment was not in the works and we just haven’t seen it yet because it is hidden from us.
He is good with giving us gas for the spark but then he watches to see what you shall do to collect more kindling for that flame.
I have been near death in my past, I have been homeless within this last year on the exits of a bankruptcy myself within the last three years.
But you know what? In that simplicity I began to realize that me just getting up from bed in the am, intentionally meditating on and pressing to working with the Ancients more and more- I am in a place where my spiritual growth is soaring.
Sometimes the opportunity to transcend the understanding of our situations we find ourselves in - eludes us.
I would encourage you to not give up. Something amazing is just around the corner. Press in and listen to them as they guide you.
Stagnancy can come from comfort , so if you are being stirred my dear, it is time to ask for what purpose and also to prepare for a massive growth in this time of challenge.:heart:


Thank you for the reply, it’s exactly what I needed to hear.
Tbh I think I knew this deep down. Just sometimes we need a bit of reassurance from a more advanced practitioner.
Found your channel. Great stuff, thank you!

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When you take on a pact with these beings you are basically putting up your hand and saying, “Pick me! I want to ascend!”.

Ascension by definition means you’re leaving everything and everyone behind. I dont mean like literally leave everything and go meditate in a cave somewhere. I mean you stop being attached to anything and everything.

From the moment of birth to wherever you are now, that was a cocoon to keep you safe from life. If you say you are ready to ascend you are also saying “thank you cocoon, you have served me well but it’s time to leave you behind”.

You will be put through the wringer. Everything you’ve ever known about life will be turned upside down. There is no turning back now. I recommend you suck it up and learn as fast as you can.

See you in infinity my friend. Much love.