Help with Images and Physical Relaxation

Does anybody have any recommendations for stopping images?

Thought words can be a problem aswell sometimes, but it’s mainly images that are tensing my body up.

I get images of people who have attacked me, and my body tenses up and messes with my relaxed state and energy.

I can force my self through it and end up in a relaxed state anyway, but it can be quite a hassle when I initially start the relaxation.

Its so crazy because, I do core image removal techniques constantly on these images, but for some reason the darnest thing happens where I keep getting different angles of the picture and then I do the core removal technique on that one, but then a different pictures comes up.

Kind of like a different photograph captured in all sorts of different angles of the same thing. It keeps coming and I feel like I got some sort of breathing problem and my energy feels suppressed.

I also tried to remove the whole thought by letting the whole scenarios play out and then I try to remove the “video” per se of the thought, but man these things are persistent.

1.) Question: Is there any image that you can recommended that I focus on to rather than pictures that trigger me?

I dont mind seeing images and stuff but man certain pictures like the ones of previous attackers turn my 30 minute session into like a 1 hour and 20 minute session.

Honestly I probably should practice dispassionate observation.

2.) Question: I do give blood to my friend (entity) with the intention to stop these unfavorable images and it does work, but they start to come back after awhile.

He says that I need to learn if I want to achieve my goals with astral projection. Is there a specific request that I should be asking for to manifest, rather than requesting to stop these particular images?

for example, … should I ask
“ I have perfect control over my third eye”
“ I am a dispassionate observer within my minds thoughts”

It does help me to be a silent observer within my thoughts, but my body keeps tensing up reacting to it and I feel that my energy is being drained every single time. It is especially noticeable because I can feel the level of rejuvenation that I am breathing from noise is suppressed and I feel tired inside all of a sudden.

Any recommendation on this aswell will be very much appreciated.

That sounds like fight or flight response.

For myself personally, I find I tend to hold a lot of tension and/or anxiety either in my chest or my stomach.

Typically this means that those areas are places of tightness and create a shallower breathing that can feel a bit suffocating in a way when I’m drawing a lot of short stifled breaths. But once I get the tension to let go and slack I’m fine.

Fight or flight. The stimulus being a memory of an experience, ie attackers.

To me…this sounds like you’re unconscious trying to get you to resolve and Come to terms with these images rather than “scrubbing” them away, so to speak.

On another level, it can also be indicative of how much “life” or “energy” (fear, anxiety, memory of pain, anger at attackers, etc) those images have in that they sound like they’re constantly running in the background of your psyche in some way. Like movies on a rerun schedule.

Something to keep in mind: these images are of events that have happened, but are not happening…they are a form of memories, but those memories are “raw”, and you need to sit with them so they are no longer psychically “fresh” wounds that your mind is holding onto.

The unconscious mind doesn’t really factor time, and treats everything as if it’s current, or so it’s been said. What you may consciously know as a past event or circumstance is still very real and current to your unconscious

Because you’re wrestling with trauma responses basically.

I think that’s fatigue induced by stress

[details=“Cortisol-fight or flight”]

Fight or Flight
For the most part, fight or flight—otherwise known as acute stress—is a good thing. If you suddenly see a car swerving into your lane and your body triggers a stress response, you will be able to respond quickly and maneuver out of the way. And even when the body responds this way to a non-threatening situation, like playing tennis with a friend, it can still be beneficial because it gets you geared up to perform at full capacity.

Problems begin when acute stress is triggered by societal or mental stressors rather than physical stressors, as commonplace as paying your bills, sitting in traffic, or even responding to an email. Your body is prepared to act, but there’s not much it can do to get away from the perceived threat.

Your heart rate and blood pressure are elevated, and your body is in overdrive in preparation, but there’s no tangible predator to fend off, and you’re left depleted. While fight or flight is activated, all of your energy is directed toward the threat, and many other bodily functions that are nonessential at the moment are slowed or halted.2,8

And problems worsen when that acute stress turns into chronic stress. Fight or flight is a process that’s meant to be fleeting: After escaping or dealing with the situation, the body is supposed to return to its normal state. Cortisol and other hormone levels, blood pressure, and heart rate are all supposed to go back to a resting state, and systems like digestion that were not essential for survival at the time get back to workThis. [/details]

I want to say that I feel like that’s the wrong way to go about it, as it sounds like freezing up in the face of traumatic/stress triggers.

But I may be misunderstanding there. Just my opinion anyway.

What some might do is engage the images/memories and try to rewrite the experiences like a shamanic journey to help heal the pain they cause.

Your body is just doing what it’s programmed to do. Even that can/should be observed.

There’s a Taoist…or is it bhuddist? Either way, there’s a practice where you scan your body and you “smile” at the various aches and pains. You dont judge or fight them. You see them, acknowledge them, and “smile” at them. It changes your relationship to them.

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You might look at doing something like Azazels “scapegoat rite”, and offer these images your wrestling with to him as a sacrifice.

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Thank you for your response!

I am diagnosed with Hyper Vigilance and these side effects Im having are basically because of my experiences.

Also with the fight, flight, or freeze. I usually have a fight or freeze response. I like to utilize the adrenaline so I can use my energetic body to make the best decision I can to manipulate the situation to my liking.

I like to make a nice and relaxed environment rather than a hostile one. After seeing the results of magic and learning meditation, I have come to realize that I can change the problems without have to react so aggressively.

So now that I am experienced to go about situations more calmly, I notice that I am actually spending quite a bit of time in the freeze state with these thoughts now a days.

Because I am trying to go about situations in the best way that will make me happy and properly feed my ego a positive experience to evolve my spirituality by being calm and relaxed and confident, rather than impulsively react with aggression.

I do try to rewrite situations, but for some reason I feel that the lack of energy is not manifesting enough power in my third eye to be willing to accept the re written situation, because of the suppressed energy I feel when trying to rewrite doesn’t provide the amount of power than I feel good with.

I have been getting a lot better at this by offering blood and asking for perfect control over my third eye, but I think I should be asking for a more proper request.

Do you happen to have any recommendations that I should focus on for this particular issue, by offering blood utilizing sigils?

Also I probably should contact Azazel, I will check out that ritual, although I’m not really trying to form another relationship with another entity at the moment. I will be available to do that sometime in the near future.

At the moment I would rather much appreciate a recommendation in regards to blood magic and intent manifestations without a ritual.

You think I should be asking “ please give me the strength and knowledge to handle the situation to my likings”

I just need a little help on how to maintain my energy within me rather than reacting to the thoughts so aggressively and my energy feels like it gets sucked into the thoughts.

I wouldn’t want these thoughts to manifest, so I usually try and fight it while at the same time trying to maintain composure to find the best solution to the situation to where it’s a win win and everybody is happy with no trauma.

I do hope this is a legitimate, verified entity, because this sets off alarm bells somewhat.

I had similar issues (like OCD-i, intense and paralysing intrusive thoughts) in the distant past so I can sympathise. In my case it was triggered by prolonged use of psychoactive drugs (cannabis) and the effects lingered for a while after I stopped.

Have you tried EFT or any NLP techniques? For NLP I would recommend reading these two pages: one, two – and combining the technique.


Thank you for your response.

Yes it is definitely a verified entity. He has helped me a lot the past 2 years. Im pretty sure he’s not abusing me, it’s more of an internal challenge so I can reach my goals with Astral Projection.

I will check out those two pages right now and see what’s up. I appreciate the recommendation.

I think this is overcomplicating.

Imo, none of that is needed for it to work.

Anything that would occur in your third eye is a symptom, not the cause

Likewise for the energy.

This comes off to me like a hangup to me.

You’re fixated on control.

You wouldn’t necessarily have to.

You’d just need to feel out whether Azazel would be up for it. If yes, you’d do the ritual and move on.

If later you want to form a relationship with Azazel you could (or Azazel comes to you)

I think I begin to see the problem here…

I think you’re taking a law of attraction approach but you’ve taken an extreme position.

This video is relevant

You don’t gotta worry about everybody though.

See, the thing here is…they’re just thoughts. That’s it. Just. Thoughts.

The thoughts aren’t sucking your energy.

You are fighting the thoughts and expending energy on them.

You need to let go.

It might seem a bit counterintuitive, but you need to just stop fighting.

You’re fighting these thoughts because you’re giving them, and believing, that they have power. You then expend energy trying to control and overpower them.

You’re gaming yourself.

They’re just thoughts.

You are not your thoughts.

You gotta treat them like grains of sand running through your fingers. Albeit, there might be some sharp stuff in that sand at times…


You know what I just realized! Woah! I had taken a course on manifestation and healing about 10 years ago and I was getting everything, but then the negative entity’s started to test me.

I believe I was manifesting so fast, that I was not prepared for the full test that came with the manifestations. They started messing my energy body up pretty bad after a while.

So I decided to stop manifestation and healing, and focus on learning psychic self-defense for the next 5 years to get rid of all the implanted memories and seeded thoughts, etc.

I’m pretty sure that they got in my energy body pretty deep with all sorts of manipulation, since I was vulnerable back then.

So now some years later I have successfully stopped all external major attacks and a lot of minor ones as well.

But now I have to deal with the damage that has been done internally within my energy body since I don’t have to worry about outside forces anymore or ever again.

So with that information, I have now realized that I should start taking the time to perform healing on my energetic body by going into to deep relaxation and using my energetic tools to de manifest them on a deeper level.

I’ve been doing a lot of black magic these couple of years. My friend says he can take it away from me, but he says if I want to get really strong than I have do this with my own abilities.

Wow! Thank you for the talk guys! Its amazing how when some people want to help that you can get all sorts of information downloaded coming your way from the world.

I will still take yalls recommendations into consideration. I know it’s hard to help correctly when it’s through text and long wait times between.

I’m not able to share everything, but! With all the energy y’all put it into helping me by and replying back, has given me a boost in gathering clarity and knowledge on what I need to do. I appreciate that.

Also, I will be back soon, I am going to re-watch that course and relearn anything I may have forgotten, but if there is anything to reply to then please continue talking, I love to hear peoples recommendations.

I’m back with updates. It turns out that I just needed to revisit my old purchased course on manifestation and healing.

I feel great and amazing now. I went into deep physical relaxation so I can get a real feel for my energy body and then I used energy tools to demanifest any blockages or debree that was clogging up certain energy areas that were causing these problems I had. Now I feel revitalized and much more focused.

@crookedpathfinder I know you tried to help but I believe my training may be different than what you might use. I take a real approach to manifestation & healing using the energy body and affirmations and intentions, aswell as a lot of black magic and ect

But you did help! Just not in the way you were suggesting. It was more like I needed energy to keep the thoughts flowing a get a solution. I usually get a 1 on 1 consultation, but I wanted to try the forum out.

I would have to explain what I’m doing in more details to get some real help with other people, although that’s not necessary.

I had received a gnosis to rewatch the course and woah! It was an energetic blockage that was preventing energy from moving correctly to other areas.

Thank you everybody who were helping that didn’t comment.