Help with finding a Incubus



Hi my name is Catherine and I’m from Texas. So I did this letter of intent to summon a Incubus back on the 20th of March (cause of a full moon). I did about everything right (though I had a bit of trouble here and there focusing on relaxing for 30 minutes outta fear that someone would walk in on me) and felt a bit of a presence, but I don’t think I got much of a response. Upon average how many days or months will it take until I have a sign or dream even? Or do I need to do the ritual again?


Hmm i did my letter about 2 months ago for a succubus.
Apparently there was no sign I felt no presence.
Sometimes I will feel someone is behind me watching me but it felt either too dark or a male presence.

I showed someone a selfie picture of me yesterday and I was told there’s a female with me in the picture that made me very happy.
now I’m starting to feel a little bit of female presence around me after 2 months.
I feel that she was with me from the beginning but she’s just waiting for the right moment to interact with me.
I speak out loud hoping that she will hear me and i may get back some feelings but I’m not sure if it’s just in my head.

I’m not sure how long does it normally take until your lover arrives.
I heard someone made interaction with a spirit after the letter of intent maybe a year maybe couple of years for others it’s right on the spot.


Hello fellow person in TX. Thing about this situation is you might just not have the level of senses needed to know theyre there. If you felt a presence during your Letter then Im sure one found its way to you. Dont do it again, just try to increase your sense ability and see what kind of signs you see after that


@ihvojd Please go to the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area and do a proper introduction, as you were asked to do previously in reply to your other post. Tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have.


Hey :ok_hand:
Personally, I had an answer even before doing anything, as soon as I had the idea to have a succubus near me, a few days later, I felt several presence, as if we watched to see what I was really inside me. Then the first 2 weeks after inviting this succubus in my life, were very strong in terms of feeling : touch, chills, etc., well, I had nothing more.
I don’t think that succubus and incubus is different above this… so, like many people, you had to have results but as your senses are not well awake, you can’t feel it well.
The hardest part of it’s not now, but later, I tell you this knowingly :upside_down_face:
In the sense, where if you really have trouble opening your senses (like me), you will be discouraged to have no result and after a while you will question everything you have done. It’s the hardest part of this : continued to practice, to try, to persevere despite the absence of apparent results.
I think it’s clearly wanted from these beings, they give us a slight glimpse of what we can have, then they let us do the work to progress as well in the relationship we have with them, that individually and spiritually. For the sake of illustration, I’ll take my example, I invited T into my life for over a year, I think when she saw me, she had to say to herself : “Oh, a lazy, but if we look inside the shell, it’s a hardworking guy with far too many ideals and dreams, interesting. Let’s help him to come true.” The first month, I persevered, but like the larva that I am, I decided to make a “little break”. Of 3 month. Yes :+1: During that time I have absolutely nothing screwed up, I have not even advanced in my projects. Then, after a while, I was caught in madness and I pulled the cards for free on this forum and start to meditate, like that, which would be normal for me. I learned a little later after that, precisely because of these free offers that I proposed and the kindness of someone who gave me a reading back, that I hurt my succubus by my behavior, but that she knew that I was (and still am) on the path of learning, and that she will forgive me. It has reboosted me, and this “chance” has done things right.

I think that if your incubus have chosen you, it will give you the perfect time to learn and even if it leaves a moment (as my succubus does when there is too much noise at home), it will come back whatever he comes because he loves you for what you are inside, and without even telling him or giving you anythings (something I had and still have trouble understanding today).

hope I have helped you :slight_smile:


How do I increase my senses?


Work at it repeatedly


Have a look at my personal journal and see what I do. I do meditations and I am doing the core shamanism tutorial part 1 that I’ve got from @Lady_Eva
She can pm it to you.

Be aware, this path is long and hard. Many ppl give up… I wanted to give up as well, but it’s a test from your higher self. Don’t give up. I made this commitment and I came here without knowing anything. I made it to myself and to my spirit companions, I know that it’s hard to keep talking to them. When we’re busy with our human mundane things it’s easy to forget them.

I’d argue that these kind of relationship even demand more work and commitment than regular human girlfriends or whatever you’re into. :sweat_smile:


Also another thing I wanted to ask is that is it true that praying, crosses, church, salt, etc can get rid of a incubus.