Help with Enochian please

I know it’s really dangerous but I really need to know how to actually USE the tables. I’ve read some books and stuff on it but how do I use the Forbidden Enochian Square? I know EA talked about it and how it’s really dangerous But can someone help me out please.

Using the “dangerous” Enochian square is basically the same as using any square to evoke legions of spirits. You would open it, calling the angels using the conjuration EA provided in his thread about it, and then once the spirits are present, you would give them your command.

The square calls spirits of Fire and Air, and it is said to be dangerous because Fire and Air are a rather explosive combination. That’s why the admonition is to only use the square for spiritual goals.


It melts Fire and Air, resulting in a new working medium that is then tailored toward your goal. As hipster’s say “It’s spicy dude.” So use it for community/selfless sorts of acts.b

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