Help with energies making rituals

Hello beautiful people!

I need some advice that you can give me.
I started doing rituals recently, one of the members of the forum recommended me to start with things for beginners like the book “Candle Magick for beginners” by Richard Webster. I went to all the libraries in my city, all! Neither has the book, nor anything like it. I live in a third world country, so it is difficult to send books through bookstores, and if they manage to do it the price comes out quite high. Searching online I came across the book on Amazon so I’m thinking of buying the cheapest kindle I can find to download books.
Meanwhile, my only source of rituals has been youtube. I recently did a ritual to a person that is a complete horror of being human. My first ritual! I was super happy doing it. Always recommend that when doing a ritual you must download all your wishes in it, and no longer think about it and forget it, for the ritual to work. I did that. I did not know that liberating you from hatred, from frustration, through a ritual could be so therapeutic! Anyway, I feel good to have done the ritual, I never had feelings of guilt, fear, regret or anything like it. BUT immediately after the ritual, I felt depressed. Pretty depressed. I do not think it was a “rebound effect” (backfire?), because I think that if it were that way I would have felt much worse, and that is not the case.

My mood has improved a lot, but I have suffered from depression all my life, so I think that having that kind of “energy” so familiar, it is easier for this to return “with me” when I need to vibrate in angry energies towards another person … or something like that. I do not know how to do protection rituals, nor do I know how to do cleaning rituals. The ritual was to put a photo of that person with some ingredients like salt and pepper inside a piece of meat inside a glass container and put black candles for 3 days. I bathed with rosemary water and rue the first day, but that was all (I do not know if I need another bathroom?).


I have also had an allergic reaction since then! I have not eaten anything out of the ordinary, I do not use makeup or perfumes, so it occurs to me that this could also be the cause. As I say, I do not feel terrible, and the depression has improved, but the question is: how can I continue doing rituals without suffering these adverse effects? It is not that psychologically it has affected me because I do not regret, I do not feel guilty, I would do it once and a thousand times. But I do not know if the energies with which people has to work to do these rituals tend to affect me because of my history of chronic depression? I do not know … could anyone help me understand this? Thanks in advance.

(I just want to be a happy and healthy witch lol!)


Wow. I wrote a sort of rambling post that didn’t go anywhere, then deleted it and did other stuff. Today at work, Freya was making it clear that she wanted me to mention her.

Maybe it was better that I wait because I know a lot more about her than I did last night. Forget that she ever met Odin. Freya is complex and ancient and very much a Western Witch. Those sexy witches in the pic above are totally Freya’s type of girl.

You must know her name. Were you aware that she usually gets around in a sleigh drawn by flying cats? She was into flying sleighs way before Santa, of course. Even though she’s Norse and lots of her friends are crazy Vikings, Freya is all about good times and good moods.

I got a lot of blatant communication from her today. I honestly think she wanted my attention as well. In my view, you are the one who brought me into contact with a very important spirit. That’s how these things work a lot of the time. Keep it real and genuine, and you will accidentally pull off more magic than 90% of people who think they know what they’re doing.

For Ritual: Light any color candle you like. Think about the flame for a moment. Let that flame be for Freya. As you are aware of it, you are aware of her.
Now hang out and do something nice. Read, meditate, watch Youtubes, whatever. Just keep the candle around. Stare into the flame if you like, but mainly just be in the same room.
Blow it out whenever you’re ready.

You will get contact, or inspiration that will lead you toward contact.

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Thank you VERY MUCH. I’m at work now, but I will write you a long answer today at night :smile_cat::smile_cat:

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First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to read the post and then answer it.
This is the first time I’ve heard something about Freya. But let me tell you that when you wrote about it I was very excited! I looked for it immediately and found some great images that I will pass on to you. Wow! What a goddess! First of all, I loved the cats! I love! In many images they look so fierce and at the same time so loving with her, just perfect. Second: goddess of love and war? Is something more needed in this life? Personally, the 2 arts that could most passionate me! I am a sign of fire, so I have always been very passionate, and when I love, I love very much, with all the power of my being, but when I hate… the same thing.

It could be said that both feelings have been punished throughout my life.

Loving a lot is frowned upon and hating much, much worse …

My country has a strong religious/catholic hypocrisy and it is frowned upon that people (especially women) have emotions so powerful, we can’t be brave, we can’t be sexual … .etc, etc … so you present me with a goddess that embodies precisely that? It is simply a wonder.

I feel overwhelmed that it was the same Freya who wanted to be mentioned, I lit the candle as you indicated and observed the flame … and I almost go blind! I had never had anything like this before … I thought maybe I felt weak for not having had a good lunch … or maybe I thought it was dirt in my glasses … I just felt that my vision began to cloud … so I went to bed and everything came back to normality I’m sure this means something, but I still do not know what.

However, I am sure that she was there and that she knows that I put the candle for her.
Thank you! Thank you! I think it’s a nice gift to know about her and even more to be able to communicate with her in some way.

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