Help With Effective Banishing Spells

Looking for some simple but very effective banishing spells or something that may help get my s/o’s ex out of the picture. She tries using him often and is constantly saying and doing things to make him very depressed and closed off. Having her completely out of the picture would make life a lot easier for us both.


Please use the search function on the upper right. There are plenty of banishing rituals available on this forum.

I searched a little and I keep finishing ways to banish spirits and energies but not quite what I’m looking for :confused: maybe I’m searching wrong

Put her name on a piece of paper in the freezer and meditate upon her becoming more cold as intensely the paper becomes more frosted and iced as its there. Not a spell, just works.

What about any types of banishing jars that don’t require an actual photo of the person? (No printer and the weather is terrible rn) but I have herbs and vinegar and such I could use to make a jar if there is a way to banish her that way

The following magick is a way to move somebody out of your life. It is similar to the freezer spell that @Whitehowlite mentioned, but I prefer this variation as rather than remaining within your home, the target is removed from your life completely. The magick is not intended to cause harm, and will simply make the target lose interest in you.

Go to a place away from your home, ideally one that you do not travel to often. Take an object from this place such as a stone, a piece of bark, or a twig. You will need to return this item to this place at a later date, so ensure that you remember where you have chosen.

Return to your home, and begin to associate your target with the object. You do not need to print out a photo of them, but you may find it helpful to write their name on a piece of paper and attach it to the item, or to write their name on the item directly. If you have a strand of hair, a nail clipping, or anything else associated with the target, it may also be used to build the association.

Once you have labeled the object, you must consider it to be the target. It is no longer a pebble or leaf, but a piece of the other person now within your presence. Treat it as such. Speak to the item, out loud if you can. Remember how you met them and recall any memories you have with them, but try to avoid the events that have led you to perform this magick.

You may notice a change in the way the object feels after performing this exercise. The change may come the day you collect the object, it may occur after three days, or you may not notice anything at all. Once the change has been felt you may move on to the next step. If you notice nothing after a week, your magickal senses are likely still developing, and you can trust that the connection has been formed through this work.

Now, return to the place where you found the object that is now the person from whom you desire to be free. At this point, there is no need to consider the magick, as the essential connections have already been made. You are simply returning an object that you found to its rightful place. Release it with joy, and then get on with your life.

The magick is complete, and to spend time worrying about whether it is working or when/how it is to manifest would be a poor use of your valuable time and energy. You do not need to forget about it completely, but should it come to mind, recall the feeling of joy that you felt when you returned the object to where it belongs, and the feeling of being free from an unwanted presence in your life.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I wish you the best :mage:

(This magick is based on chapter 28, “To Move Somebody Out of Your Life,” of Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield)


Basically you Bind them to a location away from you.

I haven’t thought of this and instead was resorting to more destructive means. Will still do that, but it has given me a different idea thanks. There’s a number of people that need to be moved out of my city and state.


The subject in my case doesn’t live near me but is more an issue with the person I have strong feelings for and I would like to banish them and rid them from his life

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@Meowlix If you are aiming to get someone to leave your city entirely, you will likely need different magick than this. This will make someone lose interest in you, but it will not compel them to leave their home or place of work. For that you would need very powerful dark magick. I know of several books that could assist you, depending upon your preferences.

@colormelovelyx The magick I described should be effective for your situation, especially if you live with your SO. You could also add another step where you create an object that is linked to your SO.

Place the two objects near each other, knowing that the bond between them is strong. You could even tie them together or otherwise connect them, say with a string. You then gradually move them apart, preferably over 3 days, weakening the connection between them until they are in completely separate areas of your home.

After this you may return the object connected to the subject to the place you found it, as in my above instructions, knowing that their bond has faded away. For the object linked to your SO, decide that it will no longer be a magickal object, but simply a stone or whatever you have chosen. Leave it somewhere mundane, and allow it to become mundane. Once you feel that the link has faded, or after a week or so, you can trust that it is now just an ordinary object and do with it what you will.

Or you could keep it around, never know when you may need it :wink:

What sort of spell in dark magick?

I was going tonuse something along the line of a Heavy MultiLayered Shield to Dodge/Deflect Blowback, an extreme amount of energy put into a Fire Elemental (Death Magick, the motivation to move them out of my way), and similar to what you posted…which is the Bait/incentive to Move out of my way.

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Demons of Goetia or Lucifer’s Legion would be my choice for this matter, or perhaps Angels of Wrath. There are spirits who specialize in compelling people to leave their place of residence or work, but I think you are right in that a layered approach would be most effective.

I would first employ divination to determine what approach would be best, as cursing someone will not always be the best option. If someone is weak and suffering, they may be less likely to seek new horizons as someone filled with hope or determination, though cursing could compel one to flee. Different people will have different motivations and desires, personalities, and life circumstances, so again first seeking knowledge would be beneficial.

As for shielding any “blowback,” that shouldn’t be necessary. The only “backlash” that could come from this magick would be your own reaction to the results. If doing this work would make you feel guilty, then perhaps you should seek another answer to your problem. There are plenty of spirits who could make your target feel sympathy for you, or even love. Only you can decide what is best for you, and again I would encourage preparatory divination.

I was thinking of also using the Goetic method. The shielding has nothing to do with Psychological Blowback. I always take extra precautions in any working I deal with which becomes a part of later workings anyway. Its less psychological and more to do with having a Sturdy Defense of Power against forces which may decide to use power.