Help with dream interpretation

Interpreting dreams is not really my thing, so I’m gonna just leave this here for some of you to give your insights…

I had a dream last week that I can’t get out of my head so I’m inclined to believe there was some sort of message in the dream that I’m not ‘getting’.

Anyway, I was going on a vacation with my fiance. We were staying in a cabin that was owned by an old couple. As we were walking to the cabin, the old man turned to me and said not to bother praying to ‘God’ while we were there, that he no longer had power as man had become greedy and taken all his energy and would never let him rest in order to restore his self and that Satan had taken over in ‘God’s’ place.

The Satan in my dream was in the form of Baphomet and was somewhat of a trickster. If you were brave enough to not be intimidated, he would work with you. There were also lesser demons who just happened to be around and whose energy could be used for certain workings/purposes.

Also there was one small demonic entity that had a nasty energy who sort of stalked who ever was around and you had to be careful when it was near.

Maybe something to this, maybe I just had some bad pizza :smiley:

Thanks for any input you guys may have


Guess I’ll credit this one to an overactive imagination


Not overactive, but if you’re thinking on workings with devils (as we forum members all do), it’s quite normal you had such a dream

I’m somewhat accustomed to working with demons, but have been busy with other things for the last year or so.

I’m slowly working my way back into things.

Ive had some trippy dreams in the past like that too-I know the feeling you’re talking about when it stays in the back of your head…
Id just take it as a positive note that the Dark Gods are being properly presenced…