Help with Dantalion

Hello I’m new in evocation, I wanted to know if I can summon the Duke Dantalion any day or has to be only Fridays? also if the candle color can be other than green or purple like pink? I’ve summoned the Duke Dantalion 2 weeks ago, the First time was 3 weeks ago with no success, this time I used a pendulum and offerings. I asked to Lucifer permission to make the evocation and to let Dantalion comes to me, I didn’t feel his/her energy when it came so i asked to my pendulum over his Sigil while I saying his Enn I aked if he is here, the pendulum answered he isn’t, I asked if he can come to me, and starts to answer my questions, I did make sure before the evocation to make a banish ritual and put seals of protection against lesser entities.

I was telling his Enn and put a video with his Enn also I said some words in Latin to come to me, in a moment I saw one candle flickered then I get my Pendulum and asked if he is here and started to answer, I told him my petition I want girl get back to me, I forgot to mention that I’ve put blood in both Sigil and my petition, I asked as well if he came the first time when I called him the past evocation and he answered he didn’t, so I noticed my fail first evocation to him, I asked to him that make me a sign in a dream or something when the things are getting solve, I thanked to him/her for his presence and dismissed him with respect, after close the ritual I felt a peace in my mind I was a bit quiet because I got anxiety often, after the evocation I felt better.

The last Friday I don’t wanted to evoke him to don’t bother him just to communicate with him so I just put another offering and asked to him over his Sigil if our deal still stands he answered yes with my pendulum, also I asked him if he can give me a sign in a dream he answer yes, I closed the ritual and let the offerings 48 hours on my altar as I did the past times, I dreamed with the girl a few of days ago but she didn’t write me yet( I’m waiting that she writes me as I asked in my petition and don’t look for her or writing her) so I don’t know what’s going on, now are 2 weeks since I evoke him without results, I don’t know if is some false spirit mocking me, I wanted to evoke him today Friday but I was late so I don’t know if I can do it other day, how long takes you to get results, I have read the results with him are quicker so I should evoke another spirit while I’m waiting for Dantalion? I would like to know your opinions, experiences with him and recomendations waiting for your advices.

Thank you