Help with candle wax reading

It’s pretty much all burned down. Can anyone help me get to any conclusions based on the way the wax melted? The candle was a man figure. Thank you

I can’t tell from the picture exactly how the wax looks.

Can you let it burn out all the way, turn on the lights and photograph it with the flash option on please (because maybe if you post a better picture peopke will be better able to help you out)?

I’m not saying I’ll be able to help with a better pic but I definitely can’t with this one.

Add; Oops sorry just noticed the posts a day old, you’ve probably tossed the wax by now so I’ll just say this… next time if you want a wax reading assistance post an better pic please.

This is a good way to take the pic: turn the Lights on with candle done burning and the flash on if needed.

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I did a little editing, playing with brightness and contrast:

Personally, I see a hand holding a staff of some kind, maybe a crook, that’s part of what looks like a robed figure to the left and below the long arm of wax which I assume is “reaching out” to the OP

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