Help with bornless ritual

Hello all,

So I have been obsessed with trying to find a version of this rite that resonates with me. I find the concept fascinating, but get bogged down by all the words of power used in the ritual. They kill any emotion I try to put in. That said, I do understand why they are necessary,. When I tried Jason Miller’s simplified Greek version, it was too bland for my liking; so if anyone can point me to version of the rite that keeps the original flavor intact, but doesn’t go overboard with the names of power, it’d be much appreciated. At the very least, I’d like a coherent pronunciation key.


All the Bornless ritual is invoking names of power. They range from Judaic to enochian to nature goddesses. What are you really turned off by using Hebrew names for anyway? There is a huge difference between using and worshiping.

The main point of it is to strengthen and integrate your own will.

This post mentions a “thelemic version” (and who wrote it gave other advices, that I’m eager to put in practice)… I’m not sure if it’s Liber Samekh or, basically, the preliminary invocation from Goetia… Other than these two, there is the original ancient version and theoretically others may be created, for example a demonic one.

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I reworked this and posted my then-current version, it may not be what you’re lkooking for though if you work from the original with the long names of power in it:

Can you sing them like a tune, and add emotion to that tune?

It may also be easier to memorise them that way.


This is EXACTLY what I needed. Something in plain English that still contains the essence of the original. I especially like the fact that you avoided all references to external deities. Definitely bookmarking that post

Can you sing them like a tune, and add emotion to that tune?

Unfortunately, no.

I’m actually in process of memorizing this. For me to FEEL emotion (as opposed to just thinking about it,) in the context of a ritual, I need to understand what the hell I’m saying. The other thing that bothered me about it was the English itself. Since I’m not a native, I wasn’t comfortable with the pronunciation. I suppose I could infuse some emotion nto the whole thing if I tried hard enough. But I can see myself doing your version of the ritual with a passion and fury that the original simply cannot evoke.

Thank you.

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