Help with Belial

I feel that I’m having an issue connecting with Belial. I evoked him and felt a presence but that was all during the evocation. Afterward, I was in bed and felt tingling almost like someone was touching my head and then energy affecting my lower back to middle back. I’ve felt this three times not all in my bed. I haven’t heard any entity talk in my head or elsewhere to my knowledge but I feel that I’ve seen signs or see the same thing repeating. Such as topics about him or someone who has a last name of Belial.

I haven’t had clear dreams since the evocation. I decided a couple nights after to try invoking him but I didn’t feel anything. I asked for help over psychic abilities and astral projection along with ascending. I have put work into doing exercises for that so I’m not just relying on him to do something I guess. I can’t fully communicate due to my lack of psychic development. I had previously blocked it all out because I couldn’t control my abilities enough and it would make me sick. I feel I’ve made progress in opening my abilities but maybe not enough to communicate efficiently. I have also slept with Belials sigil under my pillow.

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