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Hello everyone,
Lately I’ve been seeing a skeleton angel with black wings that has a swarm of dead moths fluttering about it, with a scythe. Does anyone recognize it?


It means Death. Someone or more likely something in your life is about to die. I had a similar experience with a hooded figure walking in the hallway and a moth once.
Then again, in your case I could very well be wrong. Nonetheless, if I were you I’d go with death.
Long Live Death!


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Same. You looking to do something like the shamanic spiritual death and rebirth thing? It’s really going to hunt, but like all things worth doing it will make you so much more stronger.

Very important, but I didn’t mention it.
Thanks bro.


Interestingly​, my animal guide ATM is a scorpion, a symbol of cutting negative ties. I’ve also started heavily re arranging things in my life to better suit my needs. Makes sense something is going to get killed. Sounds fine as long as it’s not me.


It’s death did it look feminine ? Or like give off a feminine energy

I’m.not sure.

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Because for me in my head I see it and it’s feminine so I was just checking to see how you perceived it fully

I have a very strong pair of eyes…

Prehaps it is an angel of death (therefore of rebirth). I don’t know much about angels but there are a few…

Edit: maybe a list will help you out? List of angels in theology - Wikipedia

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