Help with an animal spirit?

A few days ago I spotted a dead bird on my way to school, and ever since I wanted to pick it ip or in the least give it a better resting place. Seeing as it was still there after almost a week, I now have the frozen bird with me, but being new to this all I don’t really know what to do. I don’t know if it would be possible for me to contact it’s spirit in some way, utilize the remains, or bury the little thing. Any advice, please?

On your place, I would spend energy and time that is limited which is sad on another things, and as to question I don’t think you could contact with its spirit.


Never pick up a dead animal, you can get a lot of diseases from it.

I made sure to be safe and didn’t touch it directly at any point, I’ve gotten that message drilled into my skull well enough over the years

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I’m always picking up dead birds/animals and moving them to a nicer resting place.
I normally bury them in a shallow grave so other animals/insects etc can find and feed on the body (as it’s part of the circle of life).
I’ve never felt any spirit energy in or close to the bodies so have always assumed it’s moved on.
Is there a reason why you’d want to contact it’s spirit, if it was possible?


Nothing specific, mostly just curiosity!

I don’t think there’s much you are going to learn from contacting the spirit of a dead animal.
The kindest thing you can do for it is give it a final resting place that is not your freezer.

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I respectfully disagree.
Animal spirits can have unique incites. :slight_smile:
OP, you can bury the little guy some place safe so they don’t get dug back up. Let decomp happen, then remove the bones and clean them up.
You can use the bones to contact the bird and maybe it will be happy to let you use its bones for ritual work. Some do.

Here’s a site for proper cleaning. These methods are used by museums.


Would you mind elaborating?

I’m curious now what one would hope to gain from contacting such a spirit. Genuine question with genuine curiosity.
Personally, I lived with lots of animals during the course of my life, most of them pets and others life stock and horses. It would only strike me as a worthwhile endeavor if you loved the animal or felt a special connection to it during its life. But a dead animal you just happen to find by happenstance, what would you hope to gain?

Could use it as a familar if it’s willing. put it in a little wooden coffin, bury it, and put some bird food over the grave for at least the next week, after that, evoke your favorite psychopomp and ask them to keep watch over you and ensure the correct spirit is called. Divine over the grave with 3 coins asking if he would like to work with you. take a handful of dirt from the grave leaving the coins there and store it. evoke his spirit using the dirt and set the terms.


No worries :slight_smile:
I’ve talked to them so long it’s kind of second nature to me so sometimes it’s hard to explain.

To me it’s like talking to any other Spirit except animals don’t use words much.
Once you gain their trust they’ll “talk” about anything really. I’ve noticed trust seems to be a big issue with animal spirits.
This is why I recommend burying the body for a while to OP and maybe put some nice things on the grave too. This would ease the spirit.

I had one try to show me what ley lines feel like, it was some wild shit lol.


Thanks! I appreciate the response!
About trust, I do get that: I mean try to pick up a cat that distrusts you, you’ll get hurt :stuck_out_tongue:
And the “chattiness” you speak of is not unfamiliar to me but I guess it’s just a matter of preference then, I prefer the animal to be alive before opening myself up to their spirit. It never occurred to me try to contact the spirit of animal that’s dead, not even of the pets I loved dearly. I always felt that if such a spirit wished to communicate with me it would do so on its own accord.

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Some seem to stay at their Graves too. Visiting a pet cemetery can get you friends, those that stay there feel lonely.
I allow my animals to be cremated because I can’t currently bury them but keep a tether so they can return home if they want.


ah thank you! I buried it in my yard in a place that is hopefully safe, and will be checking back after time when that happens

I already buried it, but I’m sure it won’t be the last dead bird or other animal I will come across, so I’ll definitely keep this in mind, thanks a lot!

You could learn stuff from the spirit of the animal, just depends on what kind of knowledge you seek to be honest. And animal bones and such can be used in spells or rituals. Or even hex bags. Although, the cleaning part of the bird is something you should leave to other people with more experience if you don´t have knowledge on that area. You know, for the sake of avoiding diseases and such.


For my cats and a dog loving cat I have slowly created a pet cemetery. Lily my old tortoise shell from a decade back at least was the first. She’s buried under a lot of earth and a pretty hefty stone pile mound. Atop the mound is a crypt I created that I put dead birds, mice, etc into. At various times I burn the crypt out if t gets too full. I have cats and the kill a lot of stuff.

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