Help with a few succubus questions

Hello all! I have a couple questions about being in a relationship with a succubus. I looked threw the threads but didn’t really find anything helpful for my particular questions. I jus recently discovered this hole incubus/succubus thing. I had no idea somethin like this existed,I’ve often wondered how it would be to have a demon as a friend but this is more than I could’ve ever imagined, I’ve been giving alotta attention to this the past day or so, actually just about every waking moment it’s been on my mind. I want a succubus badly, almost to the point to where I think I NEED her. But hers the questions…I got 2 of them…I got a wife…human wife…we’ve been together 11 years and married for the past 6 and we have a great relationship. shes not a Christian and she’s ok with me practicing magick, she sets and listens to all my experiences and what I’m up to and all but she wants nothing to do with it…nothing at all…and there’s no way I’m gonna be able to tell her that I’ve Fallin in love with a demon and we’re in love…no way…my wife will most likely have me committed to the nut house! Lol jk! But really that’s not gonna go good at all! She’s fine with me practicing magick but when it comes to demonic subjects and practicing she doesn’t wanna hear about it or know anything about that. So question #1 what kinda conflict am I gonna have with a human wife and a demonic wife considering my human wife isn’t gonna be ok with it?? Question #2 we have a 3 year old son,he still sleeps in the bed right between me and my wife, how will this effect interaction with a succubus? I’ve heard a lot about how they come to you when u lay down at night…well of coarse my 3yo son takes up 80% of the bed… I can not risk the safety of my wife or son…I have to know there won’t be any negative consequences for them regardless of how bad I want a succubus I won’t do it if it causes harm to my wife/son to any existent.


I had a spirit husband/lover when I was already married to a human. My husband has no problem with it with my magickal practice as well as my relationship with my incubus because he’s an open minded athiest. My incubus told me that I should take care of my relationship with my present day husband and that I shouldn’t take the mundane for granted, despite them being jealous to one another at first. I have no children yet though. They are aware of one another and they don’t care about each other as well (my past life spirit husband and present day husband).

I think you should just explain that to them in a proper way. I don’t think that the succubus of yours will want to harm a child because they’re actually fierce protectors as far as I know. My relationship with my spirit husband even helped me improve my relationship with my present day human husband. I think it’s just based on how will you handle the situation. I have 2 husbands (past life and present) and both of them are okay with it because both of them love me so much.

In that case, I think you can make love with your succubus in your dreams or go somewhere else when they’re asleep for both of you and your succubus to make love or do it with her in another time.

Thank you for your input…I think my wife will be ok with it if I tell her that I’m working with a spirit,ive told her before that some point in the future I plan to work more direct with demons…so far in my practice I’ve tried to mainly depend upon myself to achieve all my goals but if I was to tell my wife the full picture of what My relationship with my succubus will be then I don’t think it’s gonna go over to well. I won’t plan to use my succubus for just sex or personal pleasure. I want the 2 of us to work together in my magick, I wanna learn from her,swap energy, u know…I don’t want a sex toy. I had planned to do a ritual to bring a person into my live that I could work magick with but after stumbling onto the hole incubus/succubus thing and learning that i can have a real working, affectionate relationship with a succubus,this will be more than I could’ve ever hoped for. I just have a wonderful marriage and don’t wanna effect that negatively or put my child in any type of danger but just thinkin to myself, I would assume of she falls in love with me than perhaps she’d feel compelled to defend my child in whatever dangers. Atleast I hope so anyways.I plan to use JD Temple for the ritual,so surely he’ll be able to address all my concerns and we will be able to make it work…but again thank you greatly for your input!

if it’s not for sexual experiences, why pick a succubus? why not pick another form of spirit then?
the Succubi are the ones that have sexuality as their #1 desire, seems strange you want this particular spirit and not have it do what it want to do

no offence btw! :smiley: I’m just confused


Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the situation. The idea came to me after seening the service JD Temple offers on the BALG website,and watchin several of his videos relating to the subject. It seemed to be alotta misconceptions about them from what I gathered from watchin his videos. It didn’t seem to be s bad deal. Sexuality of course being a big part of it,energy swapping as well. I have seen alotta negative talk about being involved with a incubus/succubus but on the other hand some positive things as well…


I want the sex to though!lol…Don’t get me wrong, I jus want more than that

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try searching for the “letter of intent” thread on here, if you make a contract you should clearly specify what you want and do not want from the relationship, that might work :slight_smile:

btw there are plenty of stories about spirit spouces where the person is also married to a human besides the spirit, so it’s not uncommon, I don’t remember reading anything about children though
maybe you could do a little google research on it


I’ll definitely look threw the threads some more and take everything into consideration…thank you for your input!

Succubi and incubi are known to be very passionate entities. They do appreciate sex, but they too want more than just sex. They love spending time with their partners, and even the little things, like watching tv, is something they’d appreciate. They love the little bonding moments.

They are very much misunderstood. Entities who are known for their lust and passion are often misunderstood too. Like Prince Sitri, for an example, he’s known for his intense lust and passion. Just like a few others, I thought that he may be a bad guy and just all for lust, but I came to find out that he’s a complete sweetheart. With that being said, that’s how Succubi and incubi are. They can be super caring and nice.

However, they can get very territorial and protective, so if you’re wanting a succubi, make sure you ask for one that isn’t so protective. If you get a protective Succubi, chances are that she may get pissed off at your wife.


Also, most succubi and incubi are known to be very family oriented, so I don’t think your son would be in any danger. Your wife won’t either, if, just like I said, you ask for a Succubi that isn’t so protective.

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Me too, I’ll remarry my past life spirit husband once I’m financially capable to do so using JD Temple’s method.

Thank you for your insight! Very helpful…I do want one that’s protective,more so against nasty entity’s that try to come around. But I definitely do not need a jelous one. Is there no way to have a protective one that’s not jelous of my wife?

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Hmm, well, just ask for one that’s okay with sharing, because there’s some known to want their partner all to themselves. So, make sure the succubus is willing to share, and I’m sure you won’t have much issue.

Alsi, as long as you give her attention and respect, there won’t be much of an issue. If you don’t pay attention to your succubus, she may get a little jealous of your why, and that won’t be good.

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That makes perfect sence! Thank u again…I mean yea if my wife never has time for me anymore because of another person, naturally I’m gonna start to envy the person that’s getting the attention. I have lots of plans for us. I have a small building right outside my house that I plan to fix up as a temple for us. Paint, new flooring perhaps a alter in her honor and everything and I figure I’ll wait til I have her before I start so that I can have her input as to what her “taste” colors and etc would be. Since I’m married and have a child, we’re not gonna get a hole lotta quality time alone so this way i figure It will be somethin that is just for us.


I figure in 2 weeks time I should be in a financial shape to get the ball rolling. After pondering on it I feel having JD temple working on my behave is the only way i want it done. It’s just to many things that could go wrong and it’s a huge commitment and very hard to reverse so I want it done right. I’ll have her name, sigil, mantra.

Very much correct. My past life spirit husband even protects my present day husband. They’re THAT protective.

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My spirit lover/husband is a human spirit, yet he considers himself as an incubus. Is it possible for other types of spirits to be considered as incubus/succubus even if they’re not demons/demonic?


Are you sure you have a true succubus instead of larvae/phantom next to you?

Oh sorry for the long text just explaining my experience with my succubus lover. how long have you been in a relationship with your succubus lover? I’ll tell you how it was for me when I first got into a relationship with my succubus when I did a ritual of intent to lilith last year when the relationship first started she manifested very strongly that I could hear her audibly and feel her touches kinda like a physical person was touching me but over time her touches kinda decreased and I could not hear her for awhile then her manifestation picked back up over time now I can sense her emotions hear her speaking through my thoughts feel pressure on my lap area I also sense her watching me and see her manifest during lucid dreams

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