Help with a curse/witch bottle

I’m trying to figure out what I could use for making the target shut his filthy liar mouth. I don’t have access to any butcher shops so cow tongue or goat mouth etc is too hard to come by.

Also, would plastic insects work as a substitute for real ones? I’m from northern Europe and real cockroaches are hard to come by (thankfully… :laughing:) and if I had to try catch anything that would take ages. The plastic roach would be put in the bottle either to symbolize what a lowly creature this guy is or to hopefully get him or his home infested with insects.

I’m pretty new to this witch bottle thing but I really love doing them and this will be my third one.

Plastic roaches are fine; it’s symbolic. The only problem would be if you don’t believe that it’s good enough. You need to feel good about your magic; make it feel powerful.

A freezer spell might be better than a jar spell though.


Thank you for your answer!

I feel like it’s much better than a real roach because not even a roach should have to die for that guy haha.

What’s a freezer spell? Like put something in your freezer? I’m really new to this kind of spells so sorry if this is a dumb question. Also I feel like putting the “nasty” jars in a river works better than burying them because then the effects of the jar would reach the intended target much easier. I’ve thought about making a nice one for myself to attract good vibes and a fortune of friendship, love and wealth and toss it in the river as well

Thankful for all advice on this topic you can give me :relaxed:

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It’s not a dumb question at all. This forum is full of information on various spells; a quick search is likely to answer any questions you might have :slight_smile:

Do what feels right- but I’d recommend asking the river first. Rivers have their own spirits and guardians, and they aren’t likely to appreciate plastic being thrown into them. Keep it eco-friendly :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Briers, some variety of thorny vine or barbed wire to stitch him shut and entangle. Could also put in picture of any chosen politician so everyone comes to know he is a lying parasite. Ultimately ingredients are based on your own symbology their properties don’t really that much unless you are doing really niche stuff using them.

Could also throw a bottle at his head psychically you just visualize him getting smashed in the head by flying objects and built up power in that image and cast it forth enough times it eventually builds up enough energy that something smashes him in the head. I’ve hit people with all kinds of fun things in such a manner. Might take a few minutes or a few weeks maybe longer depending on your aptitude and level of practice so maybe that will be a fun side project. Extra points if it is somehow the witch bottle that makes impact with his face through convoluted circumstances.

Though I would recommend against rivers as running water especially cold water washes away energy and more basic spells. Stagnant cold water is better the energy there is already muddied and foul as the water and because it is still it won’t wash away the spell.


I’m on a tablet so my answer won’t be as nicely formatted as yours but thanks a million for the link and your answers, it’s super helpful advice!

About pollution: I feel as this might be partially why I asked if a plastic insect was okay instead of a real one. I’ve not put anything made of plastic in the river yet, and it feels kinda like the river wouldn’t like that.
It’s such a clean river there’s even some species of sweetwater clams in it and I’ve only put biodegradable stuff in there (the glass might not degrade but yeah it’s not a pollutant like plastic) so now that you showed me that freezer spell I could just put everything in a tiny jar or tube and throw it in the freezer, that way nothing bad gets out in the water.

I’ve thought about if you could put something in an garbage dump but it would probably be a waste since everything would get incinerated and it would be a bit contradictory if you want the effects to last for a long time.

I’m pretty new here so I’m going to try searching for words/topics like you said and maybe check out some more “beginner guides” before I ask something that’s probably already answered :slightly_smiling_face:


It sounds like a very special river; maybe you can cultivate a relationship with it :slight_smile:

That sounds like a good idea. If you are looking to cultivate relationships with local and natural spirits, I would also recommend Magic of the North Gate by Josephine McCarthy.

@itsnathanm7 has a lot of experience with the Norse pantheon and system of magick as well :slight_smile:

Freya Nordling has a great YouTube channel for Norse magic.

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Yeah I think I could do that! Just moved to this town last year with my ex and I’ve been busy with all the fallout from the breakup but now things have finally settled down and I feel like I can go outside and explore my surrounding nature without being bothered by morons.

Thank you for the reading and YouTube tips, I’ll look into that as well :hugs:

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Great tips thank you so much! I was out a bit earlier and couldn’t help but notice the ball thistle plants growing near the bins and I plan on harvesting one of those later when it’s dark and no one is watching haha. You confirmed that my gut feeling about these things are right and basically I could put in whatever symbolize that bullying lying r-tard!

Haha I’m not sure I’m so advanced that I could manifest that very bottle to hit him in the head just by my “Magick” and if I was rich enough I’d be paying someone to hit him in the head instead of trying things this way but one could surely hope that this individual has finally racked up enough karmic debt to get hit big time :rofl:

I’ve gotten some help with the chants from my two ghost guardians and they’re doing that most of the time when I’m not talking (thinking) directly to them. This seemed like a bad idea at first with the whole ‘forgetting about your spells to make em work’ idea but I have a hard time getting them to quit it since ofc they’re excited about chants and rhymes they’re 9yrs old and I might be able to use them for extra focus on hitting the target with the intended bad vibes/energy by this

Could still build up the energy projection of him getting hit in the head by random objects until it happens. Bicycles are surprisingly successful in my experience and do tend to pack a punch when going fast enough. Cars are another good one but bricks, tree branches, stinging insects, and other common everyday objects tend to find ways of being attracted to individuals.


Haha I’m loving the ideas here. I’m going to try and make anything hilarious like this manifest and although I don’t think there’s a way of me ever seeing any of these things happening IRL since I don’t know where he moved I’m sure I’m going to know when I get results if I keep up my work with lucid dreaming and don’t slack off with the energy work!

What is a witch bottle?

Dude that is some good advice, very technical and you explained everything very well. Nice one bro.

Try tofind some black dog or cat excrements , pee of a black dog too. Feathers of black birds are important too. Wings of dead insects are also an excellent ingredient. You can use water of a dirty lake, a lake where no childrens laughs best a deserted forgotten place. If you are an experienced witch don’t forget some cemetery dirt.

Using insects which are alive is a mistake. In case of spiders as example, might raise the fury of Goddess Arachne. Frogs are protected by Hecate and Baal too, flies by Beelzebub and so on…

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Haha that’s going to be hard to collect, I’d look like the world’s biggest psycho if I snuck around the trails and dog park where ppl usually play with their dogs just to pick up the dog poos :rofl: but I will write these suggestions down since I do love dogs and I plan on getting one as soon as I get my economy a bit more balanced. There are loads of jackdaws and crows in my area and next time I’m out biking I’m going to look for any feathers, magpies could work too I guess they’re pretty common as well.

I did actually collect some graveyard dirt a while ago but I didn’t dare to take dirt from the actual graves as this felt extremely wrong so I just picked up some dirt from along the paths and walls inside the graveyard. Wouldn’t want to mess with the actual graves in case the spirits of the buried ppl would be angry with me. Is dirt from the actual graves more potent? I doubt my grandparents would mind if I took some from their grave but I feel as if they’d disagree with the dirt being used for spells hurting someone because they were very nice people and they’ve raised me better than that.

About the insects: I got that feeling too! I’m not into hurting animals not even insects. Maybe if I had to smack a fly or a moth then those could be used but I don’t want to kill anything just for a spell. Burying anything alive would just make me feel horrible I’d never do that but it’s good you mentioned that just in case anyone would be so cruel

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